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white dining table Trendy Surface Rapid Frosting Device DIY Electronic Refrigeration Refrigerator Artifact High-power Cooling Plate Speed Cooling breakfast bar stools

Item Code: 3256803016830794
Price: $ 97.49 $ 120.25
["type1 double tower cooler","type2 twin tower + power supply","type3 double tower + power supply + thermometer","The following are all experimental pictures\uff0cambient temperature28degree\uff0cPower on3Frost immediately in minutes","Product model\uff1aSKU1052<\/strong>","Maximum working power\uff1a120W<\/strong>","Maximum current\uff1a10A\uff0815.2VCase\uff09<\/strong>","Standard power supply\uff1a12V10ASwitching Mode Power Supply\uff08With fan\uff09<\/strong>","Overall product size\uff1a150*100*140mm<\/strong>","Net weight \uff1a0.7KG<\/strong>","<\/strong>"]

Industrial-grade 10-channel Ds18b20 Water Temperature and Temperature Remote Acquisition Module Rs485 Multi-channel Transmitter bakers rack

Item Code: 3256803201953796
Price: $ 154.54
["option 1: 1 point per channel (10 points in total)","option 2: 3 points per channel (30 points in total)","option 3: 5 points per channel (50 points in total)","option 4: 8 points per channel (80 points in total)"]

SD5110B Industrial Grade 86 Boxes RS485 Thermometer and Hygrometer LCD LCD Display WIFI Wireless Wide Voltage double bed size

Item Code: 3256801655364143
Price: $ 82.31 $ 84.26
["type1 external probe
type2 built-in probe
type3 built-in probe without key function","Product model: SD5110B\/SD6710
Temperature measurement range: -30-80\u00b0C
Test range: 0-100%RH
Temperature measurement accuracy: \u00b10.5\u00b0C (@25\u00b0C)
Humidity measurement accuracy: soil 3%RH (@25\u00b0C)
Communication interface: RS485 (SD5110B only)
Baud rate: 9600, 8, n, 1
Working environment: -30-80\u00b0C 0- 100%RH
Storage environment: -30-80\u00b0C 0- 100%RH
Power consumption: \u22642W
Power supply: DC6-24V, 1A"]

STM32 GD32 HK32 Offline Downloader Programmer Offline Downloader Programmer Burner vanity cabinet

Item Code: 3256803575159648
Price: $ 76.54
["characteristic\uff1a","1\uff1aSupport chip","Core sea","CS32F0XX","Mesocore","CKS32F1XX","National Technology","N32G03X","N32G43X","N32G45X","2\uff1aUSBPlug and play drive free installation","Firmware update \uff0cFirmware is always up to date,The subsequent free upgrade supports more chip firmware programs","4\uff1aTrue offline Downloader\uff0chex\/binSave in offline Downloader\uff0cDirect programming targetCPU","Download button control\uff0cEasy to use","6\uff1aCompact appearance\uff0cbe easy to carry about\uff0cEspecially suitable for field upgrade applications","7\uff1asupportHexfile,supportBinfile","8\uff1aThe file data is stored in encrypted modeFLASHin\uff0cProtect data security\uff0cIt can't be cracked","9\uff1aWith intelligent read protection,Even if the chip is read protected, it can be downloaded successfully","10\uff1aRich selection function","Support download limit settings","Support rolling code writing function\uff0cConvenient product management","Support remote file loading\uff0cThe downloader can also complete the safe loading of downloaded files when it is handed over to the customer","The power supply supports overcurrent protection","15\uff1aPort super strong protection circuit","16\uff1aMultiple verification is adopted for data transmission\uff0cMake sure everything is safe","17\uff1aSingle machine single image special machine\uff0cClear and clear","Interface\uff1a","Use questions\uff1a","\uff0cThe target board can also supply power to the offline downloader through this interface\u3002","download\u3002","Our offline downloader has over-current and anti connection protection. Please feel free to use it\u3002","\u201dfoot\u3002","Theory supports hot plug\uff0cBut the shopkeeper doesn't recommend it\u3002","\u201dBurn chip"]

bathroom mirror cabinet Dimming Switch Stepless Dimming Controller PWM Dimming Module Brightness Adjustment Speed Adjustment Temperature 35w 70w 150w dining table set

Item Code: 3256801670779582
Price: $ 45.38 $ 46.18
["PWM mode brightness adjustment controller (with timing shutdown function)
    The power adjustment of lamps, such as the brightness adjustment of LED lights.
    Speed \u200b\u200badjustment of DC motor
    Power adjustment of heating resistance wire
Supply voltage: DC 5V to 24V.
The female connector of the sun terminal is connected to the power supply (positive inside and negative outside) (the length of the female connector is 30cm+-3mm).
The male end of the moon is output connected to the load (positive inside and negative outside) (the length of the male head is 30cm+-3mm)
Load power: 35W\/70W\/150W optional
The power is 35W, and the load that can be connected is less than or equal to 35W, and it cannot be greater than, otherwise it will be broken.
The power is 70W, the load that can be connected is less than or equal to 70W, and it cannot be greater than, otherwise it will be broken.
The power is 150W, and the load that can be connected is less than or equal to 150W, not more than, otherwise it will be broken.
Take the lamp as an example, the function introduction (other uses, the same usage, can refer to):
   1. Stepless brightness adjustment, no flicker during the adjustment process. Delicate and smooth.
   2. The lights can be turned off regularly (short press the middle button to turn off the lights, long press to enter the timing turn off settings)
   3. When the light is turned on, it becomes brighter, and the lamp gradually lights up. (It can reduce the stimulation of the bright light to the human eyes, and can also extend the life of the load because there is no cold impulse current)
   4. When the light is turned off, it is gradually extinguished, and the lamp is gradually extinguished. (It can eliminate the dark situation before turning off the light)
   5. Brightness can be memorized. After power off, call again, turn on, and use the last adjusted brightness level.
   6. Press any key to turn on the light.
The time setting method of timing light off:
Long press the middle button, the 5 small LED lights will light up in turn and then go out. At this time, it means that it has entered the timing time setting state.
Each time you short press the middle button, the small LED will light up. After 3 seconds, it will automatically confirm, and the countdown will start, and the LED will light up.
One LED lights up to indicate that the lights will be turned off for 1 hour. The maximum time can be 5 hours.
Fade and fade smoothness setting method:
Gradually brighter and darker means that when the light is turned on, the light is not the brightest, but slowly lights up until the set brightness.
When turning off the light, the light does not go out immediately, but slowly dims from the current brightness until it goes out, from completely off,
The duration of the process to full brightness can be customized by the user. The longer the duration, the greater the change process.
Delicate and smooth, the shorter the duration, the slightly rougher the change process. This circuit has 6 levels of smoothness for users
Self-setting options, gear 0 to gear 5, gear 0 has no fade function, gear 1 has the shortest duration, and gear 5 is the longest.
There is LED indication when adjusting. Enter the setting method: press and hold the middle button, then power on, when the LED lights up,
Let go, then short press the middle button to select the smoothness, one gear corresponds to 1 LED, and 5 gears correspond to 5
The LED is on. After setting, disconnect the power and re-power on, it has been memorized.
This product contains internal circuits, housing, and power cords.
The female connector of the sun terminal is connected to the power supply (the female connector length is 30cm+-3mm).
The male end of the moon is output connected to the load (the length of the male connector is 30cm+-3mm).
The box is 59mm long, 36mm wide, 22mm high"]

glass dining table UVR Antiseptic Mattress High Quality Tatami Collapsible Cushion Soft And Comfortable Student Dormitory Pad Bed For All Ages kitchen pantry cabinet

Item Code: 3256802974937088
Price: $ 184.3 $ 229
["1. Manuel \u00f6l\u00e7\u00fcm 1-3cm hata\/a\u011f\u0131rl\u0131k 0.1-0.3kg izin verilir<\/strong>","2. Ba\u015fka bir boyut istiyorsan\u0131z, l\u00fctfen bize ula\u015f\u0131n<\/strong>","3. Uzun mesafe ula\u015f\u0131m sorunu nedeniyle, \u00fcr\u00fcnler biraz kat olacak, resim kadar d\u00fcz de\u011fil, ama kullan\u0131m\u0131 etkilemez<\/strong>","4. Size en iyi fiyat ve h\u0131zl\u0131 nakliye sunmak i\u00e7in, paket vakum dolu olacak (hacim kaydetmek i\u00e7in), paketi ald\u0131ktan sonra, l\u00fctfen a\u00e7\u0131n ve yata\u011fa koyun, foto\u011fraf olarak iyile\u015fir.<\/strong>","5. T\u00fcm \u00f6\u011feler ger\u00e7ek \u00e7ekim i\u00e7indir. Ancak, farkl\u0131 monit\u00f6rler renklerin biraz de\u011fi\u015fmesine neden olabilir.<\/strong>"]

Flavius Console Table in Teal 90266 kitchen table sets

Item Code: 3256803917570354

vanity cabinet English Version 5012H Handheld Small Mini Oscilloscope 100MHz Bandwidth 500MS Sampling Digital Portable dining chairs

Item Code: 3256802522487840
Price: $ 183.92 $ 192.32
["Due to transportation restrictions, the product does not have batteries!"]

dining table set Cubieboard6 Development Board Quad Core A9 kitchen tables

Item Code: 3256802524248126
Price: $ 148.28 $ 155.32
["cb6 features:","1. Small size, only 100*60mm","2. Support 4K HD decoding","3. It can be equipped with a closed shell and lithium battery to help you quickly productize.(A little amount is displayed, it can be charged)","4. Support audio output, output","5. Support SATA, and TF card expansion, external hard disk and SSD solid state disk can be connected, expansion is easy","6. Have Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi, support OPEN CL and OPEN GL","Shipping list:1: 1 CB6 motherboard2: 1 power cord3: 1 brush line4: 1 SATA line5: 1 heat sink"]

2-channel Switch Input Actively Upload the Relay Module Serial Port Switch Acquisition Module Serial Controller sofa set

Item Code: 3256803195422986
Price: $ 46.54
["<\/strong>","Product picture\uff1a<\/strong>","<\/strong>","<\/strong>","<\/strong>","Features of serial port relay module\uff1a<\/strong>","Wide power supply mode with protection","DC9V-DC24V","Ready to use\uff1b<\/strong>","Communication requirements\uff1b<\/strong>","15","KV",null,"ESDprotect","Interface","in\uff0cYou can also send commands to read the current relay status at any time\uff1b<\/strong>","Off state,Switching signal input terminal\uff0cIt can be connected to infrared reflection or reflection switch sensor\u3001Travel switch\u3001Door magnetic switch\u3001Relay dry contact input\u3001Even buttons\uff1b<\/strong><\/strong>","\uff1b<\/strong>","Out\uff09\u3002<\/strong>","Three nodes\uff0cMore convenient and flexible for users\uff1b<\/strong>","15.Rich instruction system\uff0cOne or two simultaneous actions can be realized by a single instruction\uff08Always disconnect or pull in\uff09;","Jog mode","Through mode selection\uff0cSwitching value detection\uff0cCan be associated with relay action\uff0cThat is, after the switching value is valid\uff0cThe program can control the pull in of the relay\uff0cAt the same time, upload the switching value status to the computer\uff01","if needVBTest software, source code and power adapter\u3002<\/strong>","It can receive different upper computer and lower computer software customized by users\u3002"]

5pcs WiFi module E-S-P8266 serial port to WiFi/wireless transparent transmission/onboard antenna/E-S-P-12E bathroom mirror cabinet

Item Code: 3256802202673357
Price: $ 51.29 $ 52.4
["Package form SMD22 patch
Module size 24*1 6*3mm\u00b10.2mm
SPI FLASH .32Mbit. Default
Support interface UART\/GPIO\/ ADC\/ PWM
Available Io port, 9
The serial port rate of 4608000bps supports 300~460800bps, and the default is 115200bps.
Spectrum range 2. 4GHz, 241 2~ 2484 MHz
Antenna form onboard PCB antenna, transmission distance is about 100 meters
Transmit power
802.11b: 16\u00b12dBm; 802.11g: 16\u00b12dBm; 802.11n: 16\u00b12dBm;
Power supply range
3.0~3.6V, current>500mA
Operating temperature.
Industrial grade
AT support
Built-in intelligent processing
Can be read by AT command"]

basin cabinet 5pcs WiFi module E-S-P8266 serial port to WiFi/wireless transparent transmission/DIP package/E-S-P-01S bar stools for sale

Item Code: 3256802203052691
Price: $ 45.38 $ 46.18
["Package form DIP-8 in-line
Module size 24.7*14. 4*11mm
SPI FLASH. 8Mbit","Support interface
Available IO port, 2
Serial port rate
Support 300~4608000bps, default 115200bps
Spectrum range
241 2~ 2484 MHz
Antenna form
Onboard PCB antenna, gain 2dBi
Transmit power
802.11b: 16\u00b12dBm; 802.11g: 16\u00b12dBm; 802.11n: 16\u00b12dBm;
Power supply range
3.0~3.6V, current> 500mA
Operating temperature.
Industrial grade
AT support
Built-in intelligent processing
Can be read by AT command"]

kitchen table sets No Feedback Power Amplifier Board Kit bathroom storage cabinet

Item Code: 3256803487804058
Price: $ 148.54
["This circuit kit is a spare part and needs to be welded and debugged by yourself. 2 pairs of high-power tubes need to be purchased separately","Please choose the kit, the finished board or the complete machine according to your personal ability level.","1 set contains 2 boards, mirror design, full price with mid-power tube, key parts are matched, PCB is double-sided 2.0 thick 70UM double copper gold-plated board, you can choose to weld the finished board","The detailed material list can be seen at the bottom of the sales sticker. They are all made of very good materials. The main body of the resistor is an expensive British FR4 non-inductive resistor. If you switch to a DALE resistor or a 718 resistor, the price will be much lower, but the effect will be reduced. buckle.","For the convenience of production, we have added a speaker protection circuit on the board, so that the safety is guaranteed","PCB size 116X90.5mm
Power: 150WX2","In the circuit design, the original designer highly respects the minimalist circuit. Their design concept is mainly to have no large loop negative feedback and attach great importance to reducing TIM (Transient Intermodulation Distortion). The designer believes that, compared with the total harmonic distortion (Total Harmonic Distortion) emphasized by the general manufacturers, in fact, the transient intermodulation distortion (TIM distortion) has a much greater impact on the subjective and actual hearing perception! After research, it is found that the transient intermodulation distortion is closely related to the applied negative feedback. If a large loop negative feedback design is used in the amplifier, better THD test data can be obtained, but such sound is not good to hear. The so-called \"stone machine sound\" and \"transistor sound\" are precisely this reason. Therefore, in this Swiss post amplifier, the whole machine has no large loop negative feedback design, and only a small amount of negative feedback design is used locally. The input circuit will not be affected by the back electromotive force of the speaker, making it good The characteristic of transient response, the frequency band is extremely wide, reaching 1Hz-1MHz (+0\/-6dB), such a wide frequency response greatly reduces the influence of high-frequency phase lag drift, and further overcomes TIM distortion. In actual listening Almost no \"transistor sound\" is felt.","In fact, the factory has already published the block diagram of this amplifying circuit on its website, but has not announced the specific parameters, because it is said that this circuit has been patented. We did a simulation test before the circuit design, and the distortion was extremely low.","The following is our own simulation test, the high-order harmonic distortion is very low","input voltage DC+_35VreachDC+_55V

Debugging only needs to adjust the only on the board -An adjustable resistor\uff0cAdjust the output midpoint\u3002

Because it's allDCAnd non negative feedback architecture\uff0cThe midpoint drift will be slightly larger than the general power amplifier\uff0c+\u2014\u2014100MVThe appearance of is normal\uff0cThe original machine is the same\uff0cGood heat dissipation will make the midpoint more stable"]

16-way Relay Control Module/isolated Expansion Module/high/low Level Trigger/5V/12V/24V bathroom furniture

Item Code: 3256803330290964
Price: $ 48.14
["Isolated type","16","Circuit relay control module","\uff0c","can","choice","High level","perhaps","Low level","Signal trigger\uff0c","Just","5","mAelectric current","The drive control capability is","1","0ARelay pull in\uff0cModule mining","Use genuine high-quality power relay\uff0c","Small package Optocoupler\uff0c","High power high voltage triode\uff0cred\u3001Blue signal indicator\uff0cMilitary grade double-sidedPCBboard\uff0cThe layout shall be considered comprehensively\uff0cStable performance\uff0cIt can be widely used in various power control occasions\u3002",null,null,"","one Module description<\/strong><\/strong>","1","\u3001","Add anti reverse connection function of power supply\uff0cThe wrong power supply will not damage the module\uff1b","Fault tolerant design\uff0cControl line broken\uff0cThe relay will not operate\uff1b","2","\u3001The module adopts genuine high-quality relay\uff0cNormally open interface load\uff1acommunication250V\/10A\uff0cdirect30V\/10A;","3","\u3001Adopt high quality","Small bidirectional isolation Optocoupler","\uff0cStrong anti-interference ability\uff0cStable performance\uff1bThe trigger current only needs","5","mA\uff1b","4","\u3001Module operating voltage yes5V\u300112V\u300124VOptional\uff1bhave other","4","road\u3001","8","road\u3001","12","road\u3001","16","Two way modules are available\uff1b","5","\u3001","User selectable","relay","Control level of\uff0cIt can be high-level pull in\uff0cIt can also be low-level pull in\uff1b","modular","built-in","Finite current resistance\uff0c","You can directly use the positive and negative control of the power supply","\uff0cit's fine too","use","singlechip","of","I\/Omouth","control","\uff1b","6","\u3001Power indicator\uff08gules\uff09\uff0c","16","Circuit relay status indicator\uff08blue\uff09","7","\u3001Humanization of interface design\uff0cAll interfaces can be led out directly through wiring terminals\uff0cVery convenient","8","\u3001Module size\uff1a","15.2","cm *","10c","m *","2.0","cm\uff08long*wide*high)","\uff0c","9","\u3001Set4individual","3mm","Fixing bolt hole\uff0cConvenient installation",null,"two Module interface<\/strong><\/strong>","Module control terminal\uff1a","have","19","Line interface\uff0cAll interfaces are","With terminal block\uff0cConvenient user wiring","1\u3001DC+ \uff1a",null,"External DC power supply cathode\uff08have5V\u300112Vand24VModules are available\uff09","2\u3001DC- \uff1a Negative pole of external DC power supply","3\u3001","XM","\uff1a Photoelectric isolation","Chip common end","If high level control is used\uff1aThis signal should be connected to the negative pole of the power supply of the user control panel","If low level control is used\uff1aThis signal should be connected to the positive pole of the power supply of the user control panel","4\u3001","X","1-","X","16","\uff1aRelay control interface\uff0c","If","XM","Connected to negative pole of power supply\uff1aHigh level of this port(Relative and","XM",")Switch on the corresponding relay when","If","XM","Connected to positive pole of power supply\uff1aThis port is low(Relative and","XM",")Switch on the corresponding relay when",null,"be careful\uff1aThe isolated relay module is designed to adapt to the occasions with bad electromagnetic environment or high signal requirements\uff0cIf you want to achieve complete isolation\uff0cThen the power supply of the user control board\uff08Namely connectionXMReference power supply for\uff09Power supply for and relay module\uff08DC+\/DC-\uff09Should be distinguished\u3002",null,"Relay output\uff1a","have","48","Line interface\uff0cAll interfaces are","With terminal block\uff0cConvenient user wiring","1\u3001NO1--NO","16","\uff1a Relay normally open interface\uff0cSuspension before relay closing\uff0cAfter suction andCOMShort circuit","2\u3001COM1--COM","16","\uff1aRelay common interface","3\u3001NC1--NC","16","\uff1a Relay normally closed interface\uff0cBefore and after the relay is pulled inCOMShort circuit\uff0cSuspended after suction"]

Industrial Camera Lens 1/2 Manual Aperture 4mm/6mm/8mm/12mm/16mm Fixed Focus Optional HD kitchen cupboard

Item Code: 3256802532487672
Price: $ 84.84 $ 86.93
["Suitable for all kinds of industrial cameras\uff0cmachine vision\uff0c<\/strong>Visual recognition development\uff0cAnalysis of optical system\uff0c3DScan code printing\u3002","Small size\uff0c<\/strong>"]

nightstand Link for Henrique of gps Home Furniture

Item Code: 3256803390074586

For Flat casual soft shoes round dining table

Item Code: 3256803450206573

M8 Travel Folding Bed Company Nap Bed Portable Single Hospital Accompanying Bed Simple Camp Bed Economic Field white dining table

Item Code: 2255800421317166
Price: $ 480.85 $ 523.26
["feature","1. No noise stitching, quiet lunch break","2. Environmentally friendly paint, healthy and safe","3. Neck slightly warped design, scientific support to fit the human body","4. Anti-slip big feet, anti-slip and anti-rollover","5. No installation required, easy to fold","6. Durable, breathable and breathable fabric","7. Thickened steel pipe, stronger bearing capacity, stable as Mount Tai","8. Multi-triangular load-bearing reinforcement structure","9. Widen the bed surface and follow your heart"]

kitchen pantry cabinet Memory Foam Mattress Foldable Slow rebound Tatami mat soft comfortable thick 10cm Mattress Cover Bedspreads King Queen Twin Size toilet cabinet

Item Code: 3256803431146279
Price: $ 266.97
["Kindly Reminder","1.Manual measurement 3-6cm error\/weight 0.1-0.3kg is allowable","2.If you wanna another size,please contact us","3.Different country size is different ,please check it before you buy","4.Due to the long distance transportation problem,the Products","will be a little fold ,not so flat as picture,but does not affect the Use","5.No retail packing,if you want as gift or sale again, please think about packing problem.","6.To offer you the best price and the fast shipping, the package will be vacuum-packed(to save the volume), after you receive the package, please open it and put it on the bed, it will recovery as the photo"]

kitchen tables This Prodct Is Only For The Customer-Meirongtie-22-Anne extendable dining table

Item Code: 3256803926005419
Price: $ 31.4

modern dining table Bathroom Vanity Cabinet with Mirror Solid Mango Wood kitchen stools

Item Code: 3256804033333104
["This vintage bathroom cabinet set, including an antique-style vanity cabinet and a wood-framed mirror, is an eye-catcher wherever it goes. The vanity cabinet is 23.6\" high and has 2 shelves inside. It has a hole on the sturdy top surface, which is designed for your bathroom sink. The mirror with unique patterns is rare, and it's a great addition to any bathroom. The vanity cabinet and the frame of this mirror both are made from solid mango wood, which makes this bathroom furniture set sturdy, stable and durable. The craftsmanship and beautiful wood grains make every piece of furniture unique and slightly different from the next. Important note: Colors vary from piece to piece, making each of our furniture unique; the delivery is random."]

bathroom sink cabinets this is for our customer-nvshibeixin-238-Anne cabinets

Item Code: 3256803800905692
Price: $ 41.7

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