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GSM Switch SMS Controller 4 Relays Output Garage Door CL4-GSM Great For Control Of Home Electrical Devices alarm siren

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Price: $ 76.61 $ 78.83
["ATTENTION:","This device only support 2G SIM card, so only support 2G GSM network, don't support 3G,4G SIM card and 3G,4G network. Before you place the order, please make sure the telecom company of your country support 2G SIM card and 2G GSM network, otherwise the device will not work;","Note : <\/strong>","if you from Turkey, do offer your local IMEI number to seller please , otherwise,it might not work in your country.","other countries no problem .<\/strong>","Features:","100% brand new and high quality
Easy to operate by one call or SMS
Aluminum alloy case with fire retardant plastic to prevent fire
Up to 5 different mobile phone numbers can be pre-set in the system
Secure - Using caller ID for identification, unknown callers are ignored
No need to provide a remote control for different users
Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit
Can be used for authorized door access, controlling gates, switching of remote equipments, car parking systems
Great for control of home electrical devices such as servicer, lamp, computer, refrigerator, TV, wireless router and so on","Specifications:
Work frequency:    850\/900\/1800\/1900MHz","
","Input voltage: DC 9-12V
Input power: 0.9W
Output current: 10A
Output voltage: 220V\/10A     125V\/30V\/15A
Max. output power: 2200W
Case material: Aluminum Alloy
Weight: 290g
Standard: US Plug\/UK Plug\/EU Plug","For Andriod QR code","For iOS QR code","Package includes:","1 x GSM Controller (with original pack)","1 x GSM Antenna","1 x US Plug or UK Plug or EU Plug Adapter","1 x English-Chinese User Manual"]

wireless security keypad 15000GS Universal Detacher Magnet Lockpick Security Tag Remover Golf Detacher Hook Shop EAS Anti-theft Magnet Skeleton Keys intruder alarm panic button

Item Code: 10000112708528
Price: $ 50.2
["Super Golf Detacher Security EAS Tag Remover Magnetic Intensity Magnet Security Tag Remover Key Lockpick Anti-theft","Features:","High purity strong magnetic.","Security tag magnetic force detacher.","15000gs golf deatcher can open golf type of tags.","Magnets have a fixed hole, convenient fixed in any position.","A integrated, no touch line, improve product work process.","Description:","Use first-class aluminum alloy material to ensure product stability.","The body is small, but strong compatibility, high practicability.","Widely used in the supermarket, store or any other occasion.","Advanced technology and excellent quality, is believable and trustworthy.","Specification:<\/strong>","
Magnetic Force:15000GS
Product Size: 75 x 35mm
Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Silver","Package Include:<\/strong>","
1 x Tag Security Golf Detacher

Nut 3 Intelligent Bluetooth Smart Finder Wireless Locator Tracker Alarm Home Anti Lost Wallet Camera Key Phone Etc tuya wifi sos button

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Price: $ 39.76
["Nut 2 Intelligent Bluetooth Smart Finder Wireless Locator Tracker Alarm Home Anti Lost Wallet Camera Key Phone Etc Elesale","Color(4 kinds of color for your selection)","\"Specification\"","Size: 36.4*24.4*5.1mm","Button: no button.","Battery life: CR2016 button battery (110days for regular use)","Distance  ","Outdoor:30-50m","Indoor:10-30m","Compatible:Android 4.3 and above and supports Bluetooth 4.0   iPhone 4s and above.","\"What's","1X","1X","1X","\"Picture","SHIPPING<\/strong>","within 2 days","customs clearing times"," individual countries","other factors","Aliexpress address"," confirm the address","PAYMENT","    *We accept ","Aliexpress Escrow"," payment including ","Visa Credit card<\/u>, MasterCard Credit Card<\/u>, Western Union<\/u> and other payment options<\/u>",". You can choose to suit your payment.. ","received within 1 days","SERVICE","30 Days Money Back Guarantee:","inform us","within 30 days of receipt of goods","return and refund"," original packing"," shipping tracking number and reason","    3.We will bear all the shipping cost if the product(s) is(are) damaged during shipment.","    4.We may not accept your return without informing us in advance.","    5.Customs fee, handling charge, postage and insurance are not refunded.","Supplier Warranty:<\/u>","excluding items damaged from misuse<\/u>, abuse<\/u>, neglect<\/u> or accident after receipt<\/u>","FEEDBACK","positive feedback and 5 stars","    2.We kindly request you to please ","do not leave negative feedback"," or ","open any case"," before contact us, if you have not received the package for some time or you are not satisfied with our item after receive it. ","We will try our best to provide a best solution",". ","    3.We expect high standards of excellence and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.<\/u>"]

Beelite WiFi Water Leakage Sensor Smart Water Sensor Home Security Flooding Sensor Water Leak Detector Tuya Smart Home Alarm emergency lights car

Item Code: 1005003417316959
Price: $ 122.4 $ 193.45
["Welcome to Beelite Store","As a manufacturer, we provide high quality smart home products with competitive prices.","We also support drop shipping service","#Buy More, Save More","\u3010APP Pushes & Voice Alarm Information\u3011\u2014\u2014Push notifications when sensor detect water & Beep sound","\u3010Easy to Install\u3011\u2014\u2014No hub required","\u3010Excellent Design\u3011\u2014\u2014More sensor points (7 points), longer cable","\u3010long Standby Time\u3011\u2014\u2014Battery powered for low power consumption.","\u3010Linkage Other Smart Device\u3011\u2014\u2014Create smart scenarios with other smart devices ","\u3010Share to Families\u3011\u2014\u2014Share to families to control it together","***************************","Specifications:","
","Type: Water Leakage Sensor
Power Supply: 1*CR123A (included)
Standby Current: 13uA
Standby Time: 2 years
Wireless Range: 45m (open area)
Wireless Type: 2.4GHz
APP: SmartLife\/Tuya
Waterproof: IP55
Item Size: Approx. 6.2 * 6.2 * 2.4cm(L*W*H)","\u3010APP Pushes & Voice Alarm Information\u3011","When the detector was immersed by the water, the sensor will beep, and the alert notifications will be pushed to your phone. You can be aware of water overflowing or water reaching a set level, reducing the risk of flooding.","\u3010Excellent Design\u3011","Upgraded design, more sensor points (7 points), longer cable, which can monitor a larger area. Ideal water intrusion warning for homes, apartments(kitchen, toilet), warehouses, offices, laboratory, hotel rooms, garages, etc.","\u3010","Easy to Install\u3011","No Hub Required. Installation with double-side adhesive, simply stick it anywhere you like to protect your house security.","\u3010","Linkage Other Smart Device","\u3011","By connecting with other smart devices, you can create smart scenarios. For example: after detecting leakage, the water leak sensor triggers smart plug to turn off the solenoid water valve instantly","\u3010","History Records Tracking","\u3011","You can track the history of sensor activities.","\u3010Long Standby Time\u3011<\/strong>","Battery powered for low power consumption. Low battery reminder supported","\u3010","Share to Families","\u3011","You can share the it to all family members and everyone can control it easily"]

ring alarm system keypad ZigBee 3.0 Smart Gas Water Valve Controller SmartThings App Remote Control Echo Plus Voice Control Work With Alexa Google Home turn signal

Item Code: 1005003217010250
Price: $ 75.95
","\u3010Remote control\u3011Mobile phone application remote control.The Valve power by TUYA,you can shut or open the valve automatically with smart phone no matter where you.. Ever if you are away from home,the mobile phone can be remotely controlled,open the watering valve to water the farmland,water the garden,and close the gas valve.
","\u3010ZigBee\u3011 ZigBee hub is required.
","The ZigBee smart valve compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant, allows you shut-off\/on your water valve via your voice
","Compatible with water pipe ball valves, electric, manual control switches, and natural\/liquid\/tap gas, suitable for controlling water valves, natural gas valves, filling pools, farm watering plants
","\u3010Multiple uses\u3011Suitable for automatic control of water pipe ball valves,electric,manual control on and off,for Gas valve opening and closing,also suitable for self-controlling switches of valves such as liquids and other gasesses
","\u3010Timing\u3011Set the time to automatically open or close the valve
","In order to prevent power outages caused by the inability to use,there is a manual clutch at the bottom of the unit with a pull ring, which allows to move the lever to close or open the valve
","Applicable to new and old gas water pipeline valves, no additional piping, users can install it themselves","
","Installation Guide
","1. Valve controller installation must be on the same axis between valve controller axis and valve center axis, otherwise the valve can not be completely closed and opened.
","2. After the valve controller is installed, the clutch pull ring can be pulled down manually, and the controller handle can be switched manually to check whether the valve switch is in place.
","3. Connect power adapter.","
",null,"Upgrade valve",null,"1.It","is fixed stainless steel double hoseclamp and suitable for the valve","with different sizes. The strength of the fixation is twenty times as","much large as the old
","2.Adjust the height of the mounting arm and","suitable for the bigger valve.Make sure more bigger torque using double","check screws.
","3.Adjust the height and strength of the mounting arm to","be suitable for the handles with different sizes(pipes up to 1-1\/2).","Make sure the valve can be turned off firmly.","Specifications:
","Power supply voltage: 12V\/1A",null,"Communication technology: zigbee Tuya",null,"Wireless distance (outdoor): 30m",null,"Valve pressure: 1.6Mpa",null,"Valve specifications: 4 points, 6 points, 1 inch, 1.25 inches",null,"Automatic valve closing time: 5~10 seconds",null,"Automatic valve opening time: 5~10 seconds",null,"Torque:","Package Included:
","1. A host computer 2. A manual 3. Adapter 4. A set of pipe clips","Notes:
",null,"Note:The water valve cannot be used alone,it needs to be connected to the tuya Zigbee Gateway."]

burglar alarm keypad CC308 Metal Detector Neutral Anti-listening Candid Camera GPS Positioning Sensor New Detector ring security system keypad

Item Code: 1005003111888480
Price: $ 31.92 $ 33.65

emergency alarm for elderly HEIMAN Zigbee 3.0 smart Strobe flash Siren Horn alarm Sound with 95DB big sounds to threaten thief HA1.2 remote panic button

Item Code: 4000185176198
Price: $ 76 $ 139.99
["Fast delivery from European warehouse","European Union buyers can hoose to ship from European warehouses for faster delivery times.","Zigbee 3.0 smart Siren ","alarm Sound and Light siren smart home","Zigbee 3.0 has better compatibility and can be compatible with HA1.2 products at the same time","Product description","This smart siren adopts Zigbee 3.0 Network  mode. When an alarm is triggered inside the house, this Smart Siren will issue a high decibel sound and flash  alarm, and  also send  alarm information to the  user timely and effectively to avail the user to handle the emergency timely.","About the gateway (hub)","This smart siren cannot be used alone, it must be connected to the gateway and then used with other Zigbee devices. such as Door Sensor and PIR Motion Sensor","Note: This Zigbee siren uses the standard Zigbee protocol and can work with the gateway (hub) of the Zigbee standard protocol. Not compatible with Tuya Smart or Smart Life Gateway.<\/strong>","Product advantages:","1.Working Voltage: AC110-240V\uff0cWide voltage operation, adapt to most countries","2.Backup Battery\uff08700mAh\uff09","*Built-in rechargeable battery,After power off, the backup battery will startto work for 4 hours continuously the above.","3.   95dB alarm sound\uff0cThe alarm is loud and there is also a flashing light,this siren will not only alert the neighbors of the intrusion, but scare away the burglar right out of your house!","Product parameters:","1.Working Voltage: AC110-240V","2.Backup Battery: 3.8V\/700mA","3.Alarm Sound Level: 95db(1m away)","4.Wireless Network Scope: <80m(open indoors)","5.Working Temperature: -10C-50C","6.Working Humidity: <95% RH (Indicating no condensation)","7.Network Mode:","Zigbee 3.0 ","(2.4Ghz)","8.Dimension: \u0424 80mm* 32mm","Replaceable plug, suitable for users from different countries","Products real show"]

Tuya WiFi Smart Door Sand Window Sensor Alarm Door Open / Closed Detectors Smart Home With Alexa Google Home Security Protection emergency pendant alarm

Item Code: 1005004106360160
Price: $ 81.92 $ 129.87
["Tuya WiFi 2 In 1 Smart Multi-function Magnetic Door And Window Sensor Light Sensor Alarm Detector, Alexa Google Home Assistant<\/a>","USD 14.22-16.02<\/em>\/piece","Wifi Tuya Smart Water Leakage Alarm Independent Water Leak Sensor Detector Flood Alert Overflow Smart Home Security Protection<\/a>","USD 15.37-79.87<\/em>\/piece","Tuya Wifi Smart Smoke Detector Sensor Fire Alarm System Smart Life APP With Alexa Google Home Smart Home Security Protection<\/a>","USD 18.80-110.80<\/em>\/piece","Wifi Smart Smoke Detector Sensor Fire Alarm System Smart Life\/Tuya APP With Alexa Google Home Smart Home Security Protection<\/a>","USD 18.80-20.62<\/em>\/piece","Tuya WIFI PIR Motion Sensor Detector Wireless Movement Sensor Smart Life APP Home Automation System Work with Alexa google home<\/a>","USD 15.60-17.40<\/em>\/piece","Tuya Smart WiFi Door And Window Sensor Smart Home With Alexa Google Home Open \/ Closed Detectors App Notification Alert Alarm<\/a>","USD 12.38-14.28<\/em>\/piece","Tuya Zigbee Smart Window Door Sensor Detector Alarm Smart Life Remote Monitor smart Home security protection, Alexa Google Home<\/a>","USD 7.49-8.49<\/em>\/piece","Tuya Zigbee Mini Smart Door Window Sensor Wireless Connection Detector Smart Home Security With Alexa Google Home Smart Life<\/a>","USD 15.28-78.84<\/em>\/piece","Specifications:
","APP:tuya\/smart life","\u30102.4GHz WiFi One-Key Connect Easy Setup\u3011<\/strong>","\u3010Detect door\/window status \u3011<\/strong>","\u3010Linked alarm with more sensors\u3011 <\/strong>","\u3010APP Remote Control \u3011<\/strong>","\u3010Easy to install\u3011<\/strong>","Package Included:
","1*sensor\uff08not include bettery)","1*manual"]

Compatible with Home Assistant, Kaku,Conbee II Red Flashing 95dB HEIMAN Zigbee 3.0 Alarm Siren HS2WD-E led warning lights

Item Code: 32841960243
Price: $ 128.4 $ 136
["HEIMAN Zigbee Alarm Siren Red Flashing 95dB, Zigbee 3.0 Protocol<\/strong>","This Zigbee Siren Works with Many Zigbee Systems, like","Home Assistant,  Kaku Klikaanklikuit,  Deconz,  Conbee 2, Click to click off, SmartThings,<\/strong>","Zigate and Plugin Domoticz, Zipato athom homey device,<\/strong>","zigbee 2mqtt\uff0cdeconz usb stick (conbee II)\uff0c Hubitat Elevation Hub.... and more<\/strong>","This Zigbee Siren is available in Spain Stock, only 3 to 5 days delivery within Europe.","Zigbee Alarm Strobe Siren<\/strong>","Wireless Zigbee Alarm Flash Siren<\/strong>","How to connected with SamSung SmartTing gateway ?","This works with Samsung SmartThings Hub - to set it up open the SmartThings app:","Plug it in and set aside the tiny needle-like tool that\u2019s with the siren in the packaging","Open SmartThings app","Select add new device","Select Sirens","Select Ozom","Grab the needle-like tool and stick it into the networking hole (at about 7 o\u2019,clock on the siren) for two seconds until a light appears","Siren will be set up!"]

4 Set Door Window Alarm 120DB High Accuracy Safety Door Window Detector for Home Hotel portable panic button

Item Code: 1005003792610436
Price: $ 41.08 $ 51.48
["Followers","If you like our product and service that make you impressive ,please click follow and became our followers ,there will be some counpons or discount especially for our followers when you order again in our shop.","Thank you very much for your interest in our items and wish you a pleasant purchase. If you have any questions about our items, please feel free to contact us and we are always here with you.","4 Set Door Window Alarm 120DB High Accuracy Safety Door Window Detector for Home Hotel","How to use:<\/strong>","
","About  Pay","\"\"

panic button bluetooth 12000GS Magnet Eas Tag Remover Strong Magnetic Tag Detacher For Security Tag Hook Golf Detacher Tag Remover Opener Unlock touch screen keypad for alarm system

Item Code: 1005003854681694
Price: $ 33.36
["12000GS Magnet Eas Tag Remover Strong Magnetic Tag Detacher For Security Tag Hook Golf Detacher Tag Remover Opener Unlock<\/u><\/strong>","Features:<\/strong>","1. Reusable: The safety label remover is a reusable product with extraordinary durability.","2. Excellent appearance design: The appearance of the safety label remover is small, exquisite and easy to use.","3. Robust and durable label remover: Excellent performance in resisting resistance. High temperature resistance, can be used for a long time.","Description:<\/strong>","The label detacher is widely used to peel EAS labels and has excellent peeling performance.","Specifications: <\/strong>","Dimension: 50*50*30mm","Magnetic: 12000GS","Material: magnetic aluminum coating","Color: silver","Package Included: <\/strong>","1 * Mini Detacher","
","Notes: <\/strong>","1. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.","2. Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement."]

wireless alarm keypad KERUI 433MHz Power Socket Wireless Remote Control Wireless Smart Socket Adapter Switch Plug Outlet For Security Alarm System intruder alarm panic button

Item Code: 32930708289
Price: $ 40.2 $ 41.38
["KERUI 433MHz Power Socket Wireless Remote Control Wireless Smart Socket Adapter Switch Plug Outlet For Security Alarm System","This product adopts international advanced digital RF technology and is with stable performance, very stable memory and storage capability and intelligent studying function.","Compatible with remote control of full range of protocol 1527\/2262 with frequency 433.92MHz, capable to study 60pcs remote control",", wireless signal transmission, remote control by partition, no direction requirement. Multinational plug adaptable:GB, British standard, American standard, etc. Using this product not only give users living convenience, but also protect electronic, eliminate standby power consumption and save power resources.","Power supply:AC100-240V","Maximum Power:2200W","Receiving sensitivity:-100dB","Frequency:433.92MHz","Receiving distance:10-30M (open area)","Material:ABS (fire resistance)","Operation temperature:-20~ 70","Maximum current:10A","Humidity:less than 80 %","Size:106*63*64 mm","1"," x Wireless smart socket ","\uff08EU\/US\/UK\/AU plug\uff09","1","x English Manual","1. Please try to use high-quality alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries.","2. Do not installed the product in the place exposed to rain and directly sunlight"]

Universal detacher 20000GS Magnetic Cloth Security Tag Remover EAS Shoplifting Tag Separator wifi panic button

Item Code: 33003008265
Price: $ 187.8 $ 220
["20000GS Original Magnet Detacher ","                            (Ink Tag,Golf Tag,Checkpoint Tag Tool)","   Item Description:","                1,Packing: 20000GS Magnet+1 Sensor Tag","                2,20000GS magnet original quality magnet ","3\uff0c100% work for all tag in our description and video,we our ensure tag in our picture and video,consult us if your tag no listed","4,different quality from different seller,even though they write same power as ours,you will get a worthwhile item from our shop.Welcome to compare our product with others","5,OEM&ODM order accept,we also have cheap quality(price) to meet your requirement if you need","1,20000GS Work efficiently for Ink tag and Golf tag, also it work for Basic EAS  tag like  ","Square tag, Spider Tag,Milk Tag,Bottle Tag, Can Packing Tag ,Checkpoint Tag,and others in our picture","2,Some Tag  dont need magnet to open,some need more powerful magnet,","  some need different structure magnet detacher,free consult us if you not sure","The 58Khz super eas tag can only be open by hook detacher or handheld gun detacher"]

traffic light Aubess Zigbee Smart Vibration Sensor Detection Window Door Sensor Tuya Smart Life APP Notification Real-Time Motion Shock Alarm sound alarm device

Item Code: 1005004055899929
Price: $ 85.96
["Aubess Zigbee Smart Vibration Sensor Detection Window Door Sensor Tuya Smart Life APP Notification Real-Time Motion Shock Alarm<\/strong>","Description:
","Characteristics:","Vibration sensor: need to work with Smart Gateway","Work with: Zigbee gateway","Realize remote control on smart life APP","Real-time monitoring of device changes, and push notifications when the device moves, falls, hits, shakes and other status changes are sensed,","Use with other Tuya Zigbee devices to realize automatic scene applications.","Specifications:
","The main parameters:","Working voltage DC 3V","Quiescent current\u226410uA","Alarm current \u226420mA","Communication method Zigbee","Transmission distance 10\uff5e30m (indoor without obstruction)","LED indicator: YES","Installation method: 3M glue or screw fixing","Battery: AAA alkaline battery 1.5V*2","Working temperature: -10\u2103\uff5e50\u2103","Working humidity: \u226495% (no condensation)","Report frequency: half an hour","Package Included:
","1*sensor","1*User description"]

home alarm key pad LCD Photoelectric Independent CO Gas Sensor Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Alarm Detector Home Safety 85dB Warning High Sensitivity emergency call button for elderly

Item Code: 1005003740958318
Price: $ 81.19
["CO\u4e00\u6c27\u5316\u78b3\u4e2d\u6bd2\u4f20\u611f\u5668\u8b66\u544a\u62a5\u8b66\u63a2\u6d4b\u5668\u4e3a\u4e86\u60a8\u7684\u5b89\u5168<\/font><\/font>","\u7279\u5f81:<\/font><\/font>","\u7075\u654f\u5ea6\/\u62a5\u8b66\u65f6\u95f4:<\/font><\/font>","\u5728 50ppm CO \u6d53\u5ea6\u4e0b 60~90 \u5206\u949f\u5185;<\/font><\/font>","\u5728 100ppm CO \u6d53\u5ea6\u4e0b 10~40 \u5206\u949f\u5185;<\/font><\/font>","\u5728 300ppm CO \u6d53\u5ea6\u4e0b 3 \u5206\u949f\u5185<\/font><\/font>","\u6db2\u6676\u663e\u793a\u5668(\u53ef\u9009):4\u4f4d\u6db2\u6676\u663e\u793a\u5668<\/font><\/font>","\u53ef\u542c\u5ea6:85dB(1m \u8ddd\u79bb),\u9891\u7387 3 - 0.5KHZ<\/font><\/font>","\u5f85\u673a\u7535\u6d41:<50\u03bcA<\/font><\/font>","\u62a5\u8b66\u7535\u6d41:<50mA<\/font><\/font>","\u5f85\u673a\u6a21\u5f0f:\u7eff\u8272 LED \u6bcf 30 \u79d2\u95ea\u70c1\u4e00\u6b21<\/font><\/font>","\u62a5\u8b66\u6a21\u5f0f:\u7ea2\u8272 LED \u5feb\u901f\u95ea\u70c1 4 \u6b21,\u6bcf 5 \u79d2\u9e23\u53eb\u4e00\u6b21,\u7136\u540e\u91cd\u590d,<\/font><\/font>","\u4f4e\u8759\u8760\u6307\u793a\u706f:\u7535\u6c60\u7535\u538b\u4f4e\u4e8e 3.3V \u65f6\u6bcf 30 \u79d2\u9e23\u53eb\u4e00\u6b21,\u7eff\u8272 LED \u95ea\u70c1,LCD \u663e\u793a Lb<\/font><\/font>","\u6545\u969c\u6307\u793a\u706f:<\/font><\/font>","\u6bcf 30 \u79d2\u9e23\u53eb\u4e00\u6b21,\u7eff\u8272 LED \u7184\u706d,LCD \u663e\u793a Err<\/font><\/font>","\u529f\u8017:0.3mW<\/font><\/font>","\u5c3a\u5bf8:10 x 4cm<\/font><\/font>","\u4f9b\u7535:3 x AA \u7535\u6c60(\u4e0d\u5305\u62ec\u5728\u5185)<\/font><\/font>","\u4fdd\u62a4\u60a8\u7684\u5bb6\u4eba\u514d\u53d7\u4e00\u6c27\u5316\u78b3\u5371\u5bb3\u7684\u5b8c\u7f8e\u7269\u54c1<\/font><\/font>","\u5148\u8fdb\u7684\u9632\u62a4\u7b49\u7ea7,\u5373\u4f7f\u5728\u5149\u7ebf\u4e0d\u8db3\u7684\u60c5\u51b5\u4e0b,\u6570\u5b57\u663e\u793a\u4e5f\u6613\u4e8e\u9605\u8bfb<\/font><\/font>","\u663e\u793a\u88c5\u7f6e\u611f\u5e94\u7684\u4e00\u6c27\u5316\u78b3\u6c34\u5e73<\/font><\/font>","\u7eff\u8272 LED:\u6bcf 30 \u79d2\u95ea\u70c1\u4e00\u6b21,\u8868\u793a\u8bbe\u5907\u8fd0\u884c\u6b63\u5e38.<\/font>\u5728\u83b7\u53d6 CO \u8bfb\u6570\u4e4b\u524d\u548c\u6309\u4e0b\u4efb\u4f55\u6309\u94ae\u65f6,\u7eff\u8272 LED \u4e5f\u4f1a\u95ea\u70c1.<\/font><\/font>","\u7ea2\u8272 LED :\u5f53\u68c0\u6d4b\u5230\u5371\u9669\u6c34\u5e73\u7684\u4e00\u6c27\u5316\u78b3\u65f6,\u7ea2\u8272 LED \u5c06\u95ea\u70c1\u5e76\u53d1\u51fa\u54cd\u4eae\u7684\u8b66\u62a5\u58f0.<\/font>\u4e00\u6c27\u5316\u78b3\u8b66\u62a5\u6a21\u5f0f\u662f 4 \u58f0\u77ed\u4fc3\u7684\u54d4\u54d4\u58f0,\u7136\u540e\u662f 5 \u79d2\u7684\u9759\u97f3,\u7136\u540e\u662f 4 \u58f0\u77ed\u4fc3\u7684\u54d4\u54d4\u58f0,\u5e76\u4f34\u6709\u76f8\u5e94\u7684\u7ea2\u8272 LED \u95ea\u70c1.<\/font>\u6b64\u5faa\u73af\u5c06\u6301\u7eed 4 \u5206\u949f,\u7136\u540e\u66f4\u6539\u4e3a\u6bcf\u5206\u949f 1 \u4e2a\u5faa\u73af,\u76f4\u5230\u8bbe\u5907\u590d\u4f4d\u6216 CO \u6d88\u9664.<\/font><\/font>","\u6d4b\u8bd5\/\u91cd\u7f6e\u6309\u94ae\u8bbe\u8ba1\u7528\u4e8e\u6bcf\u5468\u6d4b\u8bd5,\u5982\u679c\u5b83\u5de5\u4f5c\u6b63\u5e38<\/font><\/font>","\u5e76\u5728 CO \u8b66\u62a5\u671f\u95f4\u91cd\u7f6e\u88c5\u7f6e<\/font><\/font>","\u9700\u8981\u66f4\u6362\u7535\u6c60\u65f6\u63d0\u9192\u7528\u6237<\/font><\/font>","\u5f3a\u70c8\u5efa\u8bae\u5c06\u6b64\u8b66\u62a5\u5668\u5b89\u88c5\u5728\u5899\u58c1\u8868\u9762\u4e0a<\/font><\/font>","\u7d27\u51d1,\u8f7b\u4fbf\u4e14\u6613\u4e8e\u64cd\u4f5c<\/font><\/font>","\u5305\u88c5\u5185\u5bb9:<\/font><\/font>","1 x \u4e00\u6c27\u5316\u78b3\u63a2\u6d4b\u5668(\u4e0d\u5305\u62ec\u7535\u6c60)<\/font><\/font>","2 x \u87ba\u4e1d<\/font><\/font>","1 x \u82f1\u6587\u624b\u518c<\/font><\/font>"]

anti theft lock Portable Detacher Magnet 12000GS Key Detacher EAS Security Tag Remover Magnetic Separator Clothes tuya wifi sos button

Item Code: 1005002533109302
Price: $ 45.06 $ 74
["4\uff0c100% work for all tag in our description and video,we our ensure tag in our picture and video,consult us if your tag no listed","5,different quality from different seller,even though they write same power as ours,you will get a worthwhile item from our shop.Welcome to compare our product with others","6,OEM&ODM order accept,we also have cheap quality(price) to meet your requirement if you need"]

220v Buzzer Alarm Tweeter Anti-theft Alarm Piezoelectric Siren Waterproof led warning lights

Item Code: 1005003575242615
Price: $ 31.08 $ 32.89
["220v Buzzer Alarm Tweeter Anti-theft Alarm Piezoelectric Siren Waterproof"]

Golf Magnetic Detacher 15000GS Cloth Tag Remover Shoplifting Tag Separator For EAS Systems RF8.2Mhz ring alarm keypad

Item Code: 1005003746497373
Price: $ 71.2 $ 100
["Description:<\/strong>","1,packing:  golf magnet detacher+hook+ tag","5\uff0c100% work for all tag in our description and video,we our ensure tag in our picture and video,consult us if your tag no listed","6,different quality from different seller,even though they write same power as ours,you will get a worthwhile item from our shop.Welcome to compare our product with others","7,OEM&ODM order accept,we also have cheap quality(price) to meet your requirement if you need","Work For TAG:<\/strong>","The hook tag releaser is a key part of handheld slipper alarms lockpick, it need more practice if use the hook only.","we no guarantee everyone can get the skill to make it work,"]

burglar alarm keypad 10 pcs colorful mobile cell phone display stand Acrylic apple holder samsumg bracket for all kind phone in retail store alarm button for elderly

Item Code: 32665736964
Price: $ 45.23 $ 49.97
["10 pcs Crystal Clear Transparent Mobile Phone Security Acrylic Display Stand Holder Bracket For Cell Phone Tablet PC Anti-Theft<\/a>","CNY 183.14-235.47<\/em>\/lot","20 Pcs Acrylic Mobile Cell Phone Security Display Stand Iphone Anti-Theft Holder With Retractable Device For Retail Shop Show<\/a>","CNY 523.26<\/em>\/lot","Mobile Phone Security Stand Cellphone Display Holder White And Black Anti-theft For Retail Shop With Hiden Retractable Wirre<\/a>","CNY 859.18<\/em>\/lot","10 Pcs\/Lot Metal Cell Phone Display Stand Holder Mobile Phone Security Alarm Display System in Retail Shop With Chain Pull Box<\/a>","CNY 413.38<\/em>\/lot","10 pcs colorful mobile cell phone display stand Acrylic apple holder samsumg bracket for all kind phone in retail store<\/a>","CNY 134.22<\/em>\/lot","20 Pcs Mobile Cell Phone Security Stand Anti-theft Display Holder Black White Bracket Square Oval Retractable Spring Pull Device<\/a>","CNY 287.79<\/em>\/lot","20PCS Mobile Cell Phone Security Stand Dummy Phone Anti-theft Display Holder Black \/ White Square Oval Stretch Pull Wire Box<\/a>","CNY 298.26<\/em>\/lot","20x Mobile Phone Security Display Stand Holder Anti Theft For Handheld As Remote Controller With Pull Steel Black White<\/a>","CNY 372.83<\/em>\/lot"," ","Acrylic phone stand,Acrylic phone holder,Phone security stand,Phone security display,Phone security chain,Mobile phone security stand,Mobile phone security stand black,Mobile phone security display,Phone display stand,Acrylic phone display,Cell phone display,Cell phone display stand,Mobile phone display rack,Acrylic mobile phone display stand,Cell phone display holder, Phone security,Mobile phone security,Cell phone security,Phone security cable, Mobile phone security display,Tablet and phone security system,Cell phone display security,Display Security, Loss Prevention, Secure Displays, High Theft Merchandise, anti-theft display, retail merchandise security,High Theft Security Device, Smartphones retail security, point-of-sale, Display Security Stands,retail merchandise,store security,cell phone display,phone display stand,mobile phone display,cell phone display security,acrylic mobile phone display stand,acrylic cell phone display,cell phone display holder,mobile phone display rack,cell phone display stand,mobile phone display stand,acrylic mobile phone holder,acrylic cell phone holder","\"3\"4\"5 "]

Home System PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Alarm Security Detector 110dB Alarm Monitor Wireless Alarm system wifi panic button

Item Code: 1005003197610294
Price: $ 47.83
["This security alarm is an alarm system consisting of two wireless remote control units, which integrates an infrared probe and an alarm.","Product Functions<\/strong>","With high sensitivity infrared probe, the sound of the Alarm system is unnecessary, light and vibration are unnecessary!","Even in the night darkness situation, if the thief enters the monitoring range (tens of square meters), the alarm can be automatically detected and a 110 db alarm sound is output.","The volume is small. You can use the Alarm system anytime and anywhere in the field","Easy to button to start and stop working","Easy to install.just need to fix the bottom to the wall and then insert it into the slot of the main unit","Application","Ideal for crime prevention at home, office, warehouse, garage, shop! Protect yourself and assets from intruders.","Product List","Alarm \u00d7 1
bracket wall (adjustable) \u00d7 1
remote control (ON \/ OFF control) \u00d7 2
Requires 4 AA batteries (not included) and CR2032 3V battery (not included) for remote controls.","Installation","

1. Fit on 4 \u201cAA\u201d size battery (not included) into the main unit, it will be stand-by. Or you can use a 6 V adaptor (not included) to the main unit.Fit on 4 \u201cAA\u201d size battery (not included)into the remote unit.","
2. Press the button on the remote unit one time, the main unit will make sound \u201cbip\u201d one time. After the green LED lighting for 20~30s, it means that the alarm is in its state of monitoring.","
3. When the main unit is in the state of monitoring, the PIR sensor sell will get the signal if people pass away the main unit within the distance of 5 meters and be in the state of warning , and at the same time the red LED will be glistening. If no one press the button of remote unit to stop its glistening within 10~15s, the main unit will sound at a very loud dB. The sound will stop after 40~50s, then the main unit will get back to the state of monitoring.","Please note:<\/strong>","
Please do not place this product close to a place where it becomes high temperature such as direct sunlight or fire;
This product is for indoor use only. For outdoor installation, waterproof measures are necessary."]

Anti-Pet PIR Motion Sensor Wired Alarm Dual Infrared Detector Pet Immune For Home Burglar Security Alarm System ring keypad alarm

Item Code: 1005002099094142
Price: $ 34.79 $ 43.29
["Note: Do not mount the unit in direct sunlight or near heat sources.<\/strong>"]

turn signal Wolf-Guard DIY Smart Life GSM Wifi Wireless Home Alarm Security Burglar System with HD Camera, support Spanish, Italian, French house alarm keypad

Item Code: 33024615339
Price: $ 267.99 $ 369.99
["Wolf-Guard Wireless Home Alarm Security Burglar System GSM 2.4G WIFI Host 1080P IP Camera Door\/Window PIR Motion Detector<\/strong>","Note: This WIFI+GSM high-quality alarm kit supports multiple languages, such as <\/strong>","English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, etc. <\/strong>","Customers who choose <\/strong>","Spanish can ship directly from our Spanish warehouse,<\/strong>","and t<\/strong>","he delivery time is only 3-7 days, which is very convenient and fast.<\/strong>","Picture:<\/strong>","TIPS:<\/strong>","1.IOS and Android user search \"SmartLife\" on IOS store and Google play to download.
2.Pls scan the two-dimensional Code of the user manual to download the APP!
3.We will Ship it to you in 2 package!because it is over 2kg!
4.Our Host and IP Camera is only work with 2.4GHZ Wifi, not work with 5GHZ Wifi! Our IP camera can working with amazon Alexa!","WT2R<\/strong>",":(Alarm Host,only work with 2.4G Wifi,not work with 5GHZ wifi)<\/strong>","WiFi+GSM\/2G dual-network alarm system.","Capacitive touch buttons, fashionable, automatic calibration every day after network connected.","128X32 dot matrix display, built-in clock, intuitive and convenient.","Original host operating system, operation simple and directly.","2 wired and 100 wireless zones, zone name can be modified, each zone has 1 detector, single zone\u2019s name can modify.","8 wireless remote controls, remote control\u2019s name can modify.","Support 10 RFID cards.","Timing armed and disarmed, delay armed alarm, alarm time can reset.","Preset 6 groups alarm calls, each phone group can set 18 numbers at most.","Preset 6 groups SMS calls, host sends SMS alarms automatically, can set 18 digits.","Android and Apple mobile software smart control.","One-button control, out armed, home armed, remote armed, remote phone armed.","Programming attribute: select doorbell attributes, zone name and accessory name can modify by yourself.","Effective armed, effective disarmed, effective home armed, delay zone, multiple zone APP programming functions.","Wireless code learning, adding new accessories convenient, safe and efficient.","Remote control, host armed, disarmed, monitoring, intercom and other functions.","Event record query: host records 30 alarm events automatically.","Multiple armed modes: remote real-time armed, out host delay armed, home staying. armed, Scheduled armed at designated time, remote armed by phone remote.","Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, power failure alarm function.","Smart doorbell, APP notifications.","APP alarm notifications, accurately locate the alarm defense zone.","Record log of door magnetic switch, history recording, APP management.","TUYA WiFi solution, APP management, allows to be linked to other smart products of TUYA ecosystem.","Bulit-in high-capacity lithium battery,can also work properly when power off.","Download Mobile App","Download \u201c Smart Life\u201d or \"Tuya Smart\" in App Store or Google Play or scan the below QR code to download the App.","Technical Parameters:<\/strong>","
1.Power Supply: AC=100V-240V\u00b110%, DC 12V
2.Standby Current: <180mA
3.Alarm Current: <450mA
4.WiFi Frequency Range: 2.412MHz-2.484MHz
5.WiFi Standard: IEEE 802.11 b\/g\/n
6.Wireless Reception Frequency: 433MHz\u00b10.5MHz
7.GSM Band: 850\/900\/1800\/1900 4 band
8.Wireless Receiving Sensitivity: 5mV\/n
9.Anti-interference Strength: 1V\/m (frequency range 20-100MHz)
10.External Alarm Siren Sound Intensity: 110dB
11.Working Temperature: -10\u2103~40\u2103
12.Relative Humidity: \u226490% without condensation
13.Configurable Wireless Device Capacity: 8 remote controls, 80 detectors, 10 RFID cards
14.Wireless Transmission Frequency: 433MHz
15.Wireless Reception Frequency: 433MHz","K2<\/strong>",":(IP Camera,only work with 2.4GHz Wifi,not work with 5GHZ Wifi)<\/strong>","1.Camera:<\/strong>","Image sensor: 1\/2.7-inch CMOS 2M pixels","Lens: 3.6mm fixed","IR LED quantity: 10","Night vision range: 8-10 meters","IR cut filter: IR cut filter with auto switch","PIR Motion sensor: Yes","Range: Horizontal: 355 degree, Vertical: 155 degree","Remote management: App","Mobile app: IOS and Android","Cloud: TUYA Cloud base","Power: 5V,1A","Dimensions: 88*86*135mm","Weight: 420g","2.Video\/image:<\/strong>","Resolution: 1080P \/ 2M","Compression: H.264 High profile","Effective number of pixels: 1920x1080P","Viewing angle: 85 degree","Frame rate: 15FPS","Mirrow\/Flip: Yes","Range: Horizontal: 355 degree, Vertical: 155 degree","3.Audio:<\/strong>","Communication: two way audio","Input: built in MIC& Speaker","Output: built in MIC& Speaker","4.Network :<\/strong>","Interface: NO RJ45","Supported protocols: IP, TCP, , DHCP WPS.","Dynamic DNS: Yes","Port forwarding: P2P","Steam: Dual Stream","DHCP: Automatic","Frequency: 2.4GHz","HW-03D<\/strong>",":(PIR Detector)<\/strong>","1.Model:HW-03D
2.Sensor: Passive IR sensor with low noise
3.Work Voltage:DC 6V,(4pcs AAA 1.5V dry battery,not include AAA battery)
4.Staic current:<60ua
5.Alarm current:20mA
6.Working Temperature:+5\u2103 - 45\u2103
7.Humidity:\u226495%( no fog)
8.Transmitting frequency:315\/433\u00b10.5MHz
9.Transmitting distance:no obstacle 80M
10.Detecting distance: max 12 M
11.Detecting angle: Horizontal 110\u00b0 ,Vertical 60\u00b0
12.Coding method:PT2262 or EV1527 optional
13.Dimension:112 x 60 x 38mm","MC-07C<\/strong>",":(Door Sensor)<\/strong>","1.Operating Voltage: DC 3V (3V CR2450 lithium battery)
2.Standby Current: \u22642uA
3.Alarm Current: \u226415mA
4.Working Temperature: -10\u2103~55\u2103
5.Relative Humidity: \u226480% No condensation
6.Transmission Frequency: 433.92+0.07MHz
7.Encoding Format: EV1527\/PT2262 optional
8.Launch Distance: 80 meters (open area)
9.Transmitter Size: 50mm*35mm*17mm
10.Magnetic Stripe Size: 48mm*13mm*17mm","JD-05<\/strong>",":(Wired Siren)<\/strong>","1.Power Voltage: DC 12V
2.Sound frequency: 3.8KH2+10%
3.Transmit speed: 3H2 increase or discrease 10%","YK-11<\/strong>",":(Remote Controller)<\/strong>","1.Shell Material: Waterproof Silica Gel+ABS
2.Power Supply: 3V-12V
3.Working Frequency: 315MHz\/433MHz\/868MHz
4.Operating Range: 80m-100m
5.Transmission Currency: \u22647mA
6.Battery: 2pcs 3V CR2016 Lithium battery
7.Working Temperature: -10\u2103~40\u2103
8.Working Humidity: \u226490% RH
9.Dimension: 68.8*35.8*11mm","SR-02",":(Water Intrusion Detector)<\/strong>","Product Description:<\/strong>","When the two sensor needle contact with liquid or conductive metal objects at the same time, the machine send a wireless alarm signal (433MHz), and you can select link actions of buzzer and relay (when the power supply is below 7V, the relay stops working).","Key Features:<\/strong>","1.When the water is overflowing from the container, the alarm\u201cring\u201dto remind the user leaking or spilling water. Please close the valve and repair it, so as to avoid the waste of water resources. Close the valve, the alarm will automatically stop alarming after overflow stops;
2.Circuit optimization and special probe design solved alarm reliability problems caused by different water elements (probe should be installed outside of the water container, water spills);
3.The product provide prompt and accurate location of overflow, reduce economic losses due to overflow;
4.The product can reduce installation costs, improve products level and save project cost;
5.Exquisite appearance, small size, low price and easy installation.","Technical Parameters:<\/strong>","1.Power Supply: 12V\/23 a dry cell or external to the 12V\/300mA power adapter
2.Standby Current: <18uA
3.Alarm Current: <35mA
4.Transmission Frequency: 433MHz
5.Transmission Distance: 90 meters (open area)","6.Current Loss: When enable a fully functional alarm, the current \u226455mA","RFID <\/strong>","Card:<\/strong>","1.Chipset: EM4100
2.Frequency: 125kHz
3.Used for Wolf-Guard Alarm Panel with RFID function.
5.Operating Distance: 0-10cm
6.Operating Temperature : -20\u00b0 - +50\u00b0
7.Only Read!!!","Package Including:<\/strong>","1x WT2R Sheild Host(SIM card is not included,only work with 2.4GHZ wifi)","1x 1080P K2 IP Camera(only work with 2.4GHZ Wifi)
4x HW-03D PIR Detector (built in battery)
4x MC-07C Door Sensor (built in battery)","1x SOS emergency button (built in battery)
2x YK-11 Remote Controller (built in battery)
1x JD-05 Wired Siren","4x RFID Card
1x Power adapter
1x Bracket
1x Screws Pack
1x User Manual
","Question & Answer:<\/strong>","
","Q: Can this alarm system work with WIFI and GSM Sim Card together? So if the WIFI failure,the machine can switch GSM\/GPRS mode to work.","
A:Yes. User can connect alarm system with WIFI and GSM Sim Card to work. And when WT2R Alarm System be triggered, it will push alarm message to the APP via WIFI.","
Q: It just with WIFI in my house and without GSM Sim Card,can I use this alarm system?","
A: Yes. WT2R Alarm System can work in WIFI mode only.","
Q: Can I add additional remote controllers, door sensors, pir sensors, smoke detectors, gas detectors or other sensors to work with this alarm system?","
A: Yes. WT2R alarm system can work up to 10 wireless zones (80 detectors in total) and 3 wired zones","
Q: Does the alarm panel with backup battery?","
A: Yes. WT2R alarm system with internal rechargeable backup battery. It can support WT2R work when AC Adapt is cut.","Wolf-Guard, All For Your Security","We love our home and family. They are the best things we could have in the world. Therefore, we try our best to take care of them. Since 1998, Wolf-Guard has been committed to redefining home security with simple, smart and unique solutions.","With more than 30 millions products sold in more than 145 countries, Wolf-Guard feel honored in protecting home security and make life better through proactive deterrence.The complete Wolf-Guard smart homWe system ranges from wireless, App controlled alarm and automation system to remote security.","Wolf-Guard solutions focus on people's desire of versatile and mobile lifestyle and enable the complete control, comfort and visual communication right at our fingertips within a few minutes and easy steps. We will constantly innovate with unique product design, complete solution and excellent customer experience to satisfy security demand."]

panic button for elderly Radio Wave Signal Multifunctional Wireless Camera Lens Signal Detector Detection Camera WiFi RF GSM Device Finder ring alarm wireless keypad

Item Code: 1005003501275541
["US\/EU plug, pls write down which plug you want, or we will send by random."]

ring alarm keypad buttons New Xiaomi Mijia Wifi Natural Gas Sensor Detector Builtin Bluetooth Gateway Combustible Household Smart Gas Alarm Leakage Guard ring keypad motion sensor

Item Code: 1005003698717046
Price: $ 74.21 $ 82.76
["Xiaomi Mijia Wifi Natural Gas Sensor Detector Built-in Bluetooth Gateway Combustible Household Smart Gas Alarm Leakage Guard Smart Home Security APP Control<\/strong>","Specifications\uff1a<\/strong>","Brand: XIAOMI
Product model: JT-BF-03MI\/AW
Detection gas: Methane (CH4)
Alarm setting value: 10%LEL
Detection range: 0-20%LEL
Working voltage: 220VAC\/50HZ
Working temperature: -10 \u2103-55 \u2103
Working humidity: 93% RH (non-condensing)
Product size: 80 x 29mm (including mounting plate)
Product net weight: 5g (including mounting plate, without adapter)","Wireless connection:
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b\/g\/n 2,4GHz;
bluetooth: 4.2 version
CMIIT ID: 020DP15498
Product executive standard: GB 15322.2\u20142019
Adapter executive standard:
GB4343.1 -2018
GB\/T 17625.2-2007","Package included\uff1a<\/strong>","
1x Natural Gas Guard
1X Mounting plate
1X Sticker
1x Adapter
1x Screw
1x Expansion tube
1x Manual","This is new version built-in bluetooth gateway.<\/strong>"]

Tuya WiFi Smart Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Protection Smoke Sound And Light Alarm Sensor Smart Home Security System Smart Life best alarm keypad

Item Code: 1005003434680151
Price: $ 44.8 $ 53.29
","This product does not have a battery, you need to bring your own battery.",null,"Silencing and testing",null,"Silence: In the alarm state, press the \"test\" button to silence the buzzer, only the LED indicator flashes.","Test: In normal state, long press the \"test\" button for 2s to trigger the sound and light alarm, the alarm message is sent to the mobile APP.","WiFi and network configuration",null,"Install the tuya Smart app on your smartphone the first time you use the detector.","Make sure your smartphone is connected to WiFi.","A) Launch the app, click \"Add Device\" --- \"Security Sensor\" --- \"Sensor (WiFi) '\/\" Smoke (WiFi) \".","B) Press and hold the \"Test\" button for 5s until the LED flashes with a short beep of \"di\" (press and hold the button within 20 seconds after charging the battery to enter WiFi setup mode).","C) Click \"OK\" in the APP --- enter the password for WiFi, click \"OK\", the detector enters setup mode which lasts for 60s max.","A LONG \"di\" beep with LED indicator on for 10s means the WiFi setup is complete. When the WiFi setup fails, the detector exits setup mode with a short 'Di Di' beep.","The WiFi configuration is based on the 3 steps above.","WiFi network status: When the LED indicator is on for 10s after charging the battery, it means the detector is successfully connected to WiFi.","Method of","A. Drill a hole in the ceiling using the hammer drill","B. Install the expansion tube on the ceiling","C. Fix the installation plate using the screw","D. Point the alarm device with the installation plate and connect them, turn clockwise until you hear the sound \"kaca\", it means to install it correctly.","Specifications:
","Technical parameter","Power supply: AAA*2 (not include)","Static current: <10uA","Alarm current: <100mA","Working temperature: 0 \u2103 ~ + 50 \u2103","Humidity: \u2266 95% RH, no freezing","Alarm sound:> 80dB","Low battery alert: \u2266 7.0V \u00b1 0.2V","Package Included:
","1 * detector (without battery)",null,"1 * instruction manual",null,"1 * screw pack"]

home alarm keypad Security Tag Detacher 5300GS Anti-Theft Tag Magnetic Remover Clothing Hard Tag Remove Unlocker EAS System Magnet Detachers home alarm key pad

Item Code: 1005003598582159
Price: $ 32.3
["Feature:<\/strong>","Reusable product with extraordinary durability.<\/strong>","Ease-of-use product.<\/strong>","Outstanding performance on defeating resistance.<\/strong>","Remarkable detaching performance.<\/strong>","No battery or power is required.<\/strong>","Description:<\/strong>","Material: Injection + Magnet<\/strong>","Size: diameter: 7.5cm, height: 5cm<\/strong>","Magnetic force: 5300GS<\/strong>","Packing list<\/strong>","1x Magnet Security Detacher<\/strong>","Note:<\/strong>","1. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.<\/strong>","2. The colors may be different for the different display,please understand.<\/strong>"]

ring alarm wireless keypad 1pc Silicone Protective Case Keychain Skin Cover for Airtags Anti-Lost Device Accessories Wireless Tracker Protector smart alarm keypad

Item Code: 1005003654351853
Price: $ 25.99
[null,"U.S. buyer attention:<\/u>","The areas where the US warehouse does not deliver goods are: Hawaii, \nAlaska, Puerto Rico, Guam and other US overseas territories. And the \nmilitary address.","Spanish buyers attention:<\/u><\/strong>","if your address includes following postal code please do not choose the Spanish warehouse.<\/strong>","The zip code starts with 51\/52\/07\/35\/38\/28.<\/strong>","Overseas warehouse cannot be delivered.<\/strong>","\"\"
","Locator Silicone Protective Case Keychain Skin Cover for Apple Airtags Anti-Lost Device Accessories Bluetooth-compatible Wireless Tracker Protector
\n1. Designed specifically for Apple Airtags Locator.
\n2. Made of comfortable soft silicone.
\n3. Anti-sweat, scratch-resistant and washable.
\n4. Easy to use and carry.
\nMaterial: Silicone
\nColor: White, Green, Black, Gray, Light Pink, Light Green, Light Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, Wine Red, Blue
\nProduct Size: 90 X 38 X 10mm\/3.54 X 1.5 X 0.39\"
\nApplicable Model: for Apple Airtags Locator
\nDue to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
\nPlease allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. "," ","1 X Locator Case

emergency warning light AUBESS Tuya ZigBee Siren Alarm Smart Home Security Protection 90dB Sound Light Alarm System Work With Smart Life Zigbee Gateway security led lights

Item Code: 1005004046779601
Price: $ 133.2
["AUBESS Alice WiFi\/ZigBee Mini Switch Tuya Smart Life Home Automation 2 Way Mini Light Switches Module For Alexa Google Assistant<\/a>","USD 2.13-25.58<\/em>\/piece","Aubess Tuya ZigBee CO2 Hcho VOC Sensor Air Quality Detector Air Analyzer Monitor Formaldehyde Carbon Dioxide Sensor Smart Life<\/a>","USD 9.97-19.76<\/em>\/piece","Aubess WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer Smart Home Security Alarm System For Tuya Smart Life Alexa<\/a>","USD 4.82-77.19<\/em>\/piece","Aubess Tuya ZigBee Water Leakage Sensor Water Level Detector Alarm System Smart Home Security Protection Against Water Leaks<\/a>","USD 3.76-100.88<\/em>\/piece","AUBESS Tuya PIR Motion Sensor Wifi Movement Detector Infrared Human Presence Sensor Smart Life APP Wireless Home Security System<\/a>","USD 5.59-48.20<\/em>\/piece","Aubess Tuya Zigbee Smart Light LED Bulb RGBCW E27 Dimmable Color Changing Neon Lamp For Alexa Google Home Smart Life APP Control<\/a>","USD 2.18-21.39<\/em>\/piece","SONOFF MINIR2\/ZBMINI WiFi\/ZigBee Smart Switch Alice DIY Light Switch Module For ZBDongle ZBBridge eWeLink Alexa Google Assistant<\/a>","USD 8.49-85.50<\/em>\/piece","Smart Plug WiFi Socket EU 20A Power Monitor Timing Voice Control Function Tuya Smart Life APP Works With Alexa Google Assistant<\/a>","USD 5.26-40.03<\/em>\/piece","\"\"","Description:
","Note\uff1aThis product need to be used with ZigBee gateway.","*Tuya ZigBee Siren: Detecting in the environment in time. Siren alarm louder than 90DB.","*Alarm Notifications: Smart phone will get instant notifications when siren alarm triggered and check the log on APP. Widely used in home, kitchen,office, etc.","*Smart Scenarios: It can also be combined with other smart WIFI products based on Tuya to design and implement smart application scenarios.","*Ultra-fast response, anti-interference ability, ultra-low power consumption and cost-effective. Supporting 5V 1A USB port power.","Specifications:
","Standby current: 61uA-180uA","USB port: 5V\/1A","Sound intensity: 90db","Detection temperature: -10\u2103 ~ 80\u2103","Detection humidity: 0% ~ 100%","Wireless frequency: 2. 4GHZ","Communication protocol: Zigbee 3.0","Wireless standard: Zigbee IEEE 802.15.4","Wireless range: 40M","Package Included:
","1 *Siren 2 IN 1 Sensor","1 * Set of Stickers & Mounting Screws","1 * USB Cable","1 * User Manual (English)","\"\"",""]

home alarm system keypad Mini PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Detector Alarm 120dB Wireless Home Security Anti-theft Portable Camping Trip ring keypad siren

Item Code: 1005003708438959
Price: $ 72.4
["Mini PIR infrared motion sensor detector alarm 120dB wireless home security anti-theft portable camping trip","Take it, You will have a","good sleep","in","camping or travel","SOS","cord for your","safety","Advantages:","-","Portable Mini size",", with battery work, can take anywhere","- 120dB big voice alarm","-","SOS function","(pull alarm cord will with","130dB alarm voice",")","- Flashlight","- High sensitive detector","- Stable quality","- Nice designed case","Portable Mini size, with Li-battery work <\/strong>","(Such as travel, camping).","High sensitivity Motion detector<\/strong>","(120dB Voice alarming)","LED Flashlight : It can help you do something in dark or at night<\/strong>",".","( get up to drink water or find something)","SOS Function :<\/strong>","Pull alarm cord, it will have","130dB","alarm voice",", <\/strong>","it is very helpful when you have a dangerous.<\/strong>","Package picture:<\/strong>","Application:","Camping, Travel, Home, store, office, factory, farm...","
\nSpecifications:","Quantiy: 3pcs","Alarm voice: 120dB","SOS function: pull alarm cord","LED flashlight: yes","Power supply: 3pcs button lithium battery LR44 (include)","Material: ABS","Color: black","Size: 6.7*3.8*2.5cm","PIR detect distance: about 2 meters","Retail package: Yes"]

New Security Tag Detacher 5300GS Anti-Theft Tag Magnetic Remover Clothing Hard Tag Remove Unlocker EAS System Magnet Detachers intruder alarm panic button

Item Code: 1005003776508736
Price: $ 32.14
["Feature:<\/strong>","Reusable product with extraordinary durability.<\/strong>","Ease-of-use product.<\/strong>","Outstanding performance on defeating resistance.<\/strong>","Remarkable detaching performance.<\/strong>","No battery or power is required.<\/strong>","Description:<\/strong>","Material: Injection + Magnet<\/strong>","Size: diameter: 7.5cm, height: 5cm<\/strong>","Magnetic force: 5300GS<\/strong>","Packing list<\/strong>","1x Magnet Security Detacher<\/strong>","Note:<\/strong>","1. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.<\/strong>","2. The colors may be different for the different display,please understand.<\/strong>"]

DC5V or DC24V Infrared beam sensor detector photocell Photoelectric switch detect distance 2 meter NPN normal open NO output ring keypad alarm

Item Code: 4000386012235
Price: $ 34.15

SONOFF DW2 Door And Window Sensor WiFi Wireless eWeLink App Remote Detect Door Open / Closed Smart Home Security Alarm Detector wireless keypad alarm system

Item Code: 1005002489870224
Price: $ 32.71 $ 35.7
",null,null,"Keep linkage with SONOFF smart devices to create various smart scene",null,null,"Turn on\/off your light with an action",null,null,"Notify you when the door\/window is opened",null,null,"Check the opening and closing status of door\/window on APP",null,null,"Battery-level display and low-battery reminder",null,null,"Allow sharing the sensor with your family to monitor and control of your home",null,null,"No gateway required",null,null,"Bluetooth low energy pairing",null,null,"Support to check history record on APP",null,null,"Low-power Wi-Fi transmission for more lasting work time",null,null,"Peel and stick installation, quick to use","Specifications:","Specification of SONOFF DW2","Battery Model: AAA 1.5V;","Working Voltage: DC3V (2 x 1.5V battery);","Quiescent current: \u2264 40 \u03bcA;","Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b 2.4GHZ;","Material: PC V0;","Download Center","User Manual","Package Included:
","1 x Door And Window Sensor(not include battery)","Notes:
","This product not support Alexa and Google Home"]

Tuya Smart WiFi Door Sensor Door Open / Closed Detectors Sound Alarm Timed Arming and Disarming App Notification Alert Security ring keypad red light

Item Code: 1005003574351961
Price: $ 35.29
["Attention:","This device is designed for tuyasmart \/ smart life app. You can set it to control other tuya smart device. You can check the detector status in alexa \/ ifttt app, but it can not control other alexa \/ ifttt device.

Compatible with Alexa & Google Home:
Simply use your voice to control the connected devices by Alexa or Google Home. It can also perform auto control together with other smart devices which are compatible with Smart Life or IFTTT. Convenient for you to detect your doors, windows, cabinets, drawers or anywhere you want to notified when it is opened or closed.

","Enjoy Your Smart Life:","1:When you leave home, it will push notification message to you when the door\/window opens or closes, so you can discover the intruder in time.
2:It can also support dual alarms, mobile phone push alarms and sound alarms, timing disarming and arming
3:you could share the device to your family members and track the history of sensor activities.

","Easy to Install:","
No complicated installation tools are required. The sensor can be installed with double-sided adhesive tape or screws(included) in just a few steps, and download an app \"tuya\" or \"Smart Life\" from GooglePlay or App Store to add the device to detect the status of your door\/window.

","Package Included:","
1 * tuya wifi door\/window sensor"]

LED Whistle Key Finder Flashing Beeping Sound Control Alarm Anti-Lost Key Locator Finder Tracker with Key Ring traffic light

Item Code: 1005003630224332
Price: $ 27.52
["Features:","Find your key or any other items easily.","Whistle or shout within 7 meters to make it beep and flash.","Comes with a chain ring and installed battery.","With ON\/OFF Switch, remote control by sound.","Small in size, portable and convenient.","Descriptions:","LED torch, convenient to look for the lock eye.","Multifunction design, great gift for your loved one.","Specifications:","Features: Whistle, LED Torch, Keyring, Beeping","Material: plastic and metal","Size: 5.5*3*1.5cm","Color: white, black, red, blue","Package included:","1 x Anti-lost Key Finder","Notes:","1.Due to the difference between different monitors,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.","2.Due to the manual measurement and different measurement methods, please allow 1-3cm deviation.Thanks!"]

traffic light 5 Pair Wired Door Window Sensor Recessed Magnetic Contacts Security Reed Switch Alarm For Home Security Alarm White Hot Sale sos alert device

Item Code: 1005003803410854
Price: $ 29.77 $ 32.17
["5 Pair Wired Door Window Sensor Recessed Magnetic Contacts Security Reed Switch Alarm For Home Security Alarm White Hot Sale"," Item specifics:<\/strong>","

Type:Door magnetic alarm
Working voltage: DC12V
Working current: \u2264 0.3A
Start-up distance: 15-25mm
Communication mode: wired
Cable length:25cm
Installation position:Door or Window

","   Product features:<\/strong>","

100% Brand new and high quality
Easy installation
Energy saving
Easy to use
High sensitivity

","    Package Includes:","

5 pair x Door Magnetic Switch","We are professional supplier , registered both in Hong Kong and ShenZhen. we have own factory.we sell quality valued baby products.we provide worldwide wholesale and drop ship service to our customer in the world since 2005. looking forward for our cooperation.",". Mostly,the orders will send out within 2-4 working days after payment confirmed.",". We will inform you if we need more time to prepare.",". Items are only shipping after payment confirmed.",". Aliexpress need 24 hours to confirm your payment.",". All tracking on one website http:\/\/\/index.htm?spm=a3708.7860690.0.0.29zspL",". Mostly.It will takes 15-40 to your country by China Post Registered Air Mail.",". 7-15 days by epacket.3-10 days by EMS. 3-7 days by DHL.",". Mostly,the tracking information of China Post Registered Air Mail will update within 2-7 working days.",". Please Check out your address carefully when processing order.",". We will only send to the address you write.",".","Russian friends<\/strong>","need to write your full name,or will can't receive the parcel.",". We offer 7-24 hours online service.",". Your inquiry will be reply within 6 hours",". We will check the goods carefully before shipping.",". Our working time. monday to Saturday.",". If anything we can help you.pls contact us.",". If you are not Satisfied with product.pls not open a dispute.pls contact us.we will give you a Solution asap.",". Dispute is not the only way to slove the's better happy to slove it.thank you.",". If our responsibility.we accept return the goods or refund.",". If confirm missing.we will check it and resend.",". If you not receive your items.pls contact us.",". Mostly,the parcel will arrive on time.but may be sometimes will delay.pls be patient and waitting.thank you for your understand.",". The payment is only for the order.different country different tax policy.may be you will charge tax fee.pls consulting the staff of local customs before purchase.",". If you are satisfied with the items.We will appreciated to you.if you give us 5 shining star and share your good feeling or share the beautiful real photos.",". Your positive feedback will be very helpful to us and the new buyer.",". If you are not Satisfied with product.pls not open a dispute or leave a negative feedbkack.pls contact us.we will give you a Satisfied Solution asap. thank you.",". We accept the payment which Aliexpress support.",". Master card, VISA,Webmoney,Boleto",". Q1:does safe to pay in Aliexpress?",". R:yes.pls believe Aliexpress and Mr.Jack Ma.",". Q2:how long if shipping by China Post Registered Air Mail?",". will takes 15-40 days to destination after send out.",". Q3:do you support mix order?",". R:yes.we can choose all you like.",". Q4:do you do wholesale?",". R:yes.pls connact us.we will give you a best price.","Thanks for your visit and welcome to visit us again!    `(*\u2229_\u2229*)\u2032"]

Focus FC7688Plus Board Only Wired Security Alarm System 8 Wired Zones PCB Board Without Box sos alert device

Item Code: 1005002586922810
Price: $ 252.1 $ 269
["Focus FC7688Plus Board Only Wired Security Alarm System 8 Wired Zones PCB Board Without Box<\/strong>","FC7688 Plus Internet+GSM+Landline alarm system features:<\/strong>","FC-7688 Plus is a intelligent alarm control system which in tegrated with burglar proof, fireproof, gas leak proof. it is compatible with wired and wireless alarm mode. it use advanced coding techniques of BUS zone and multi-bit random code hopping techniques in security and reliability. to avoid false alarm and interference effectively. adopt SMS, GSM, high-speed Contact ID alarm transmission mode. this system is wirdely used in residence community, villa, shops, offices.","FC-7688 Plus user manual link ","Videos on Youtube ","The ABS Anti-fire Plastic Box ","The Metal Box ","The PCB Boards inside of Plastic and Metal Box are the same  ","The 8 wired zones connection ports","4 PGM Ports <\/strong>","English menu wired touch keypad","Introduction of the keypad","
APP introduction <\/strong>","Sorry the Email Function doens't work so far !!! <\/strong>"," APP Download","Package include <\/strong>","1x AC\/AC Transformer                               ","Accessories: Antenna 1 pc, EOL Resistors 1 bag.","(please note that backup battery is not included)<\/strong>"]

noise alarm for home Portable GPS Tracking Bluetooth-compatible 5.0 Mobile Key Tracking Smart Anti-Loss Device Waterproof Device Tool panic button bluetooth

Item Code: 1005003731517556
Price: $ 29.73 $ 31.69
["Portable GPS Tracking Bluetooth-compatible 5.0 Mobile Key Tracking Smart Anti-Loss Device Waterproof Device Tool Pet GPS Locator Bluetooth Tracer for Pet | Dog, Cat, Keys, Wallet, Bag<\/b>","
<\/b>","Feature\uff1a","In connection state, when the locator device exceeds the set Bluetooth range, the phone and the locator device will alarm at the same time.","View the map position when the locator device is disconnected on the mobile phone.","Bluetooth-compatible 5.0 technology, extremely low power consumption, key battery CR2032 power supply, standby time is estimated to be more than 6 months, easy to replace. Connect the Bluetooth function of mobile phone, two-way search function, can connect multiple locator devices at the same time."," Locator device appearance exquisite fashion, color can be matched with each other, providing unlimited combination of imagination space.","It is light and compact, easy to pick up and effortless. The weight of the product is only 7g. You can get it wherever you go","Effective distance is about 15 meters","
","Product information:","   Product name:Portable GPS Tracking","   Packing: boxed","   Material: Plastic + electronic components","   Optional colors: white, pink, black, blue, orange","   Application:Support IOS system and Android","   Battery: button battery CR2032","Notice:","   Please read the packaging and instructions carefully before you apply the equipment.","   All dimensions are measured by hand, error is normal. All the pictures will have some color difference under different light and display. Please forgive me.","
","The package includes:","   1x Portable GPS Tracking"]

Aubess Tuya Door Window Sensor Wireless Connection Security Alarm Smart Mini Door Sensor Magnetic Switch For Alexa Google Home emergency pendant alarm

Item Code: 1005004096761243
Price: $ 74.29
["1 Input To 2 Output Adapter Cable For Playstation TV Camera HDMI-compatible Converter Splitter Cable Switcher Adapter Converters<\/a>","USD 1.20-3.37<\/em>\/piece","Cartoon Cable Bite Cable Protector Wire Winder Data Line Cord For Iphone Lightning Charging Cable Earphone Cable Protection Clip<\/a>","USD 0.55-2.42<\/em>\/piece","V4 RC Drone 4K HD Wide Angle Camera 1080P WiFi FPV Drone Dual Camera Quadcopter Foldable Altitude Hold Camera Helicopter Toys<\/a>","USD 1.74-62.78<\/em>\/piece","Self Defence Keychain Alarm Personal Protection Girl Women Security Rape Alarm 90dB Loud Self Defense Supplies Emergency Alarm<\/a>","USD 0.81-3.36<\/em>\/piece","Cable Connector PS VR To PS5 Adapter Cable PSVR Camera Adaptor For PlayStation 5 VR Connector Mini Camera Adapter For Gaming<\/a>","USD 6.82-11.32<\/em>\/piece","Phone Hand Fan Micro USB Flexible Mini Fans USB 3.1 Type C Port Cell Phone Electric Fan Small Portable Cooler For Mobile Android<\/a>","USD 0.63-2.55<\/em>\/piece","Portable SD Card Reader USB 2.0 Card Reader For USB Micro SD Adapter Flash Drive Memory Card Adapter Memory Card Cardreader<\/a>","USD 0.22-2.11<\/em>\/piece","Charging Cable Protector For Phones Animal Bite Cable Data Protectors Winder Organizer Charging Cord Protection Winder Organizer<\/a>","USD 0.54-2.39<\/em>\/piece","Aubess Tuya Door Window Sensor Wireless Connection Security Alarm Smart Mini Door Sensor Magnetic Switch For Alexa Google Home<\/strong>","\"\"","Description:","1. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi supported ,max wireless range up to 35M\u3002","2. Free IOS & android APP\u3002","3. Detect open\/close status of the door\/window, push notification to smart phone.","4. Share the device to others . support multi-user to edit the device and accept push notification or not.\u3002","5. To connect two sensors via scene setting\u3002","6.Reset\uff1a(1)Long press reset button for 6s\uff0cindicator fl\u001fashes wifi mode.(2)Long press reset button for 6s\uff0cindicator fl\u001fashes slowly.AP mode.","Specifications:","Product name\uff1aWi-Fi door sensor","Model:NAS-DS05W7","Battery type\uff1aAA LR6 1.5V * 2PCS","Stand by current\uff1aopen:28.4uA","close:28.1uA","Trigger current\uff1a43mA","Pairing current: 37mA","Working time\uff1a4000 times","Operating temperature\uff1a0\u2103\uff5e 40\u2103 (32\u00b0F\uff5e104\u00b0F)","Operating Humidity\uff1a20% \uff5e 85%","Storage Temperature\uff1a0\u2103 \uff5e 60\u2103 (32\u00b0F \uff5e140\u00b0F)","Storage Humidity\uff1a0% \uff5e 90%","Wireless type\uff1a2.4GHz","Wireless standard\uff1aIEEE 802.11b\/g\/n","Wireless range\uff1a35M","weight\uff08not include battery\uff09\uff1a53g","Size\uff1aMain body:82mm x 42mm x 16mm","Small body\uff1a82mm x 11mm x 18mm","Package Included:","1 x Door And Window Sensor","\"\"","Wi-fi door sensor , can pay attention to children's safety at any time<\/strong>","<\/strong>","<\/strong>","Make Your Door \/ window Smarter<\/strong>","When you leave home , it will push notification to you if the doors or windows are opened or invaded by an external object ,","you will find anomalies in your home immediately .","","Long Time Battery Life<\/strong>","Large capacity more durable","","Three-step Connect Easy To Use<\/strong>","<\/strong>","Detect open \/ close status ofthe door \/ window<\/strong>","<\/strong>","2.4GHZ Wifi One-key Connect Easy Setup<\/strong>","Do not need home gateway , you can easily achieve the intelligent control of home appliances , simple operation , easy to","use , 2.4G Hz protocol is more stable faster and more convenient","","Make Your Door \/ window Smarter<\/strong>","<\/strong>","State Synchronization<\/strong>","<\/strong>","Invisibility makes thieves invincible","Can be installed inside non-fixed","objects Make thieves nowhere to run","","Detect open \/ close status of the door , pushnotification to smart phone<\/strong>","<\/strong>","2.4GHZ Wi-fi supported , max wireless range up to 35M<\/strong>"," ","Low Power Warning<\/strong>","When power is low , the sensor will push messages thrAPP to remind user to replace batteries in time.","",""]

alarm lamp Special links for Extra fee 15 USD Should pay for 15 pices and so on ring keypad alarm

Item Code: 1005004094550949
Price: $ 26
["Buyer Note:this link is shipping fee link,no products to be","sent,extra fee"]

1pcs Hinge Repair Plate for Cabinet Furniture Drawer Window Door Stainless Steel Plate Repair Accessory Hinges Mounting Artifact security alarm keypad

Item Code: 1005002663743537
Price: $ 28.58 $ 31.17
["2pcs Hinge Repair Plate for Cabinet Furniture Drawer Window Door Stainless Steel Plate Repair Accessory Hinges Mounting Artifact \u0444\u0443\u0440\u043d\u0438\u0442\u0443\u0440\u0430 \u0434\u043b\u044f \u043c\u0435\u0431\u0435\u043b\u0438","

1.BEAUTIFUL AND NEAT:Cover the original damaged area to make it look beautiful.
2.ONE THING FOR TWO: Adopting hinge board technology, both door, and side panels can be used.
3.MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL: Fix the hinged stainless steel door panels together, and then convert the original fixed stress point into a stressed surface, to be more firm.
4.PREMIUM MATERIAL - High quality Stainless steel material makes it rust resistant, attractive and durable.
5.WIDE APPLICATION - The Straight Bracket can be used to build a frame or serve different types of furniture such as tables,beds,dresser,chairs,shelves etc.
6.EASY INSTALL - Package come with Stainless screws, just use screwdriver or electric drill to fix the bracket in a breeze.

Name:Hinge Repair Plate
Material:Stainless Steel
Size:10cm x 9cm \/3.94\" x 3.54\" (Approx.)

\u25aaActual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect
\u25aaPlease allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement

","Package Included:<\/strong>","
1pc or 2pcsx Hinge Repair Plate (With screws)"]

(+84) 965.686.811