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FEELWORLD F6 PLUS 5.5 Inch on Camera DSLR Field Monitor 3D LUT Touch Screen IPS FHD 1920x1080 Video Focus Assist Support 4K HDMI white background photography

Item Code: 33043402919
Price: $ 215.22
["Newest Innovative Touch Screen","Get rid of complicated Buttons! All of the functions are at your fingertips. Its touchscreen allows you to zoom your image freely with a pinch gesture and access the menu settings conveniently.","Custom 3D LUT Support","The LUT loading function makes the color calibration easier and more intuitive, helps you optimize the work-flow efficiently. You can upload 3D LUT cube to F6 Plus via SD card.","Ideal Camera Partner","Efficient DC output design. With a dummy battery(Optional), it can power your DSLR or mirrorless camera at any time, extend the run-time of your camera, while provide a more usable display.","Flexible Dual-purpose Battery Plate","Built-in two-in-one battery plate, compatible with Sony F Series and Canon LP-E6 batteries, providing long-time working condition. You don\u2019t need to buy battery plates separately. (Note: There are no batteries included.)","Support 4K Format","4K UHD 3840x2160p (30\/29.97\/25\/24\/23.98Hz), 4096x2160p (24Hz). And the HDMI output can be transmitted to broadcast monitor then you can monitor them at the same time.","1\u00d7 F6 PLUS monitor","1\u00d7 Micro HDMI Cable","1\u00d7 Sunshade","1\u00d7 Tilt Arm","1\u00d7 Manual","(Noted: The battery is NOT included)","Accurate Waveform Monitoring","When you need to analyze image quality more accurately than simply looking at the picture then use F6 PLUS's built in waveform monitoring! Choose from waveform (RGB Parade, Y Parade), vectorscope, histogram and audio phase and level displays, and get broadcast accurate waveform monitoring that shows everything you need to know technically about your video and audio signals. The functions can be opened separately, and also support one key to open all scope mode. F6 PLUS is perfect for live production monitoring and removes the need for separate expensive scopes!","3D LUT Color Calibration and Real-time Preview","User LUT cube import
F6 PLUS provides S-log2\/3, V-log, Log-C etc, to convert log mode to REC709 for all major cameras. The LUT loading function makes the color calibration work of the previous shooting easier and more intuitive, optimizes the workflow and improves work efficiency. User creative 3D LUT cube or calibration 3D LUT cube can be uploaded to F6 PLUS by SD card.","Easy Touchscreen Controls, Freely Zoom In and Out","OCR Full-fit Screen Design","The monitor uses OCR full-fit technology and high-strength, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant glass.","Use simple tap and swipe gestures to make adjustments!","The built-in monitor is also an interactive touchscreen that makes setting up the F6 PLUS incredibly intuitive. All of the functions are at your fingertips, allowing you to use simple tap and swipe gestures to change function settings. You can easily and intuitively zoom in and out of your shot with the pinch-to-zoom gesture.","Support Touch Screen and Button Control Menu","\u25cfYou can also get a quick glance at your menu settings and features with an easy tap on the screen.
\u25cfIt also supports physical buttons control. Tap\/Rotate the wheel button for quick selection and function settings.
\u25cfTap the power switch to turn off the touch function, designed to prevent misuse.","1920x1080 Display with Rec. 709 Color Calibration","The 5.5\" IPS screen features a 1920 x 1080 resolution, packing 400 pixels per inch and provides a wide viewing angle of 160\u00b0 and for easier off-axis position monitoring. Built-in 3D LUT color calibration, which complies with the standard of REC-709, can calibrate each monitors so that it can eliminate the trouble of color cast.","Light and Slim Design, Only 235g","The F6 PLUS is 5.5 inch and only 235g, and makes it the ideal size and weight for field production. The entire monitor\u2019s build is sturdy and compact, allowing you to easily mount it to your DSLR camera or even a gimbal stabilizer. It gives you the freedom to shoot well anywhere.","Monitoring Tools with Quick Accessibility","The F6 PLUS keeps the original great: it's small, lightweight and has great image quality. In addition, it now features the touch screen and has the ability to import 3D LUTs via the SD card. The F6 PLUS is the perfect monitor for those who need an easy-to-use lightweight on-camera monitor such as gimbal operators, or shooters that are always on the go.
Its touchscreen conveniently allows you to zoom your image with a pinch gesture and tap to access the menu settings. There are also a variety of onscreen tools to help you set up your shots, including histogram, peaking, embedded audio, exposure, false color, zoom, guides, pixel-to-pixel, anamorphic mode, image freeze and more.","User LUT Cube Import","F6 PLUS provides S-log2\/3, V-log, Log-C etc, to convert log mode to REC709 for all major cameras. The LUT loading function makes the color calibration work of the previous shooting easier and more intuitive, optimizes the workflow and improves work efficiency. User creative 3D LUT cube or calibration 3D LUT cube can be uploaded to F6 PLUS by SD card.","Zoom In (100%\uff5e300%",")","Image magnification is HD signal in any part, an amplification for high quality close-up. The touch panel can help you zoom in quickly, zoom out and move the image after zooming in.","Video Analysis Assistant Pattern","Waveform \/ Vector scope \/ Histogram
Waveform","This essential feature assists with the calibration of professional video cameras. It shows the overall brightness of the image assisting the video professional in correcting exposure. The waveform feature also checks the evenness of the lighting when lighting a chromakey or background.","Vectorscope","Vector scope shows how saturated the image is and where the pixels in the image land on the color spectrum. It can also be displayed in various sizes & positions, that allows users to monitor color gamut range in real time.","All Scopes Mode","This mode shrinks your video image to approximately the size of a 5.5\" display and tiles your choice of waveform, vectorscope, histogram, and embedded audio on the border of your video.","Peaking Focus Assist","The Peaking Filter is used to aid the camera operator in obtaining the sharpest possible picture. When activated, the internal processor will display a colored highlight on the screen where sharp edges appear. You can switch the peaking color between yellow, red, green, blue, white according to different tone of the subject. The focus level can be adjusted from 1 to 10 levels.","4K HDMI Input & Loop Output","The F6 PLUS has 4K HDMI in and loop-out, allowing it to not only display live signals, but also send them out to other monitors simultaneously. It's the ability to display live picture on multiple displays at once while still maintaining the original video quality. Plus, you can monitor audio using the 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.","HDMI Output Application","Connect to Wireless Transmitter,Director Monitor, Projector, etc.","Power Your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera","The FEELWORLD F6 PLUS is an ideal camera-top monitor for DSLR and mirrorless camera shooters. Because the F6 PLUS provides auxiliary power out; allowing shooters to power their cameras. With a battery adapter cable (Optional), the F6 PLUS extends camera run-time, while providing a more usable display.","Power Input","In addition to the power supply through the battery plates and 12V DC power input, it also supports 5V Type-C input, which can be powered by mobile phone charger or power bank. (At least 5V\/2A)
Note: The 5V Type-C port is only used for power supply, not for data transmission, and cannot provide loop-out power.","Flexible Dual-purpose Battery Plate","Compatibility with Sony F970 and Canon LP-E6 of lithium batteries for one battery plate. Providing long-time working condition for cameraman in shooting applications.","Convenient Mounting - Tilt Arm","Every F6 PLUS monitor will ship with a cold shoe mounted Tilt Arm. Shooters will have a secure way to position their monitor while maintaining a low profile.
\u2022 Allows the F6 PLUS monitor to rotate 360 degrees for viewing convenience
\u2022 Secure and lightweight mounting via shoe mount or 1\/4\"-20 thread
\u2022 Includes a shoe mount of its own for accessories like a microphone, LED light, or wireless receiver, etc.","Flexible Install Both on Camera and Gimbal","To convenient the various angles monitoring","FEELWORLD F6 PLUS features standard 1\/4\" mount points (top, bottom, right) for attaching it to cameras and rigs. Not only you can install it on a monitor through tilt arm, but also you can mount it on a handheld stabilizer or securely attach it to the top of your camera as the ultimate HD viewfinder! If you install it on the bottom of the device, you can also combine the image flip function to maintain the correct orientation of the screen!"]

backdrops for photos Photography Softbox Lighting Kits 50x70CM Professional Continuous Light System Soft Box For Photo Studio Equipment camera lens

Item Code: 4000003992696
Price: $ 126.82
["Softbox photography studio photo kit photo studio light studio photography photo studio kit photo studio softbox photo studio photography softbox kit photography studio kit studio softbox photo light kit kit photo studio kit kit studio softbox light studio lighting kit kit photo studio photography lighting softbox softbox studio softbox photo studio light softbox studio system studio lighting system studio photography lights studio photo kit studio lights photography studio lighting equipment softbox studio lighting softbox photography softbox lighting kit photography studio lighting photography studio equipment photography softbox photography lighting kit photography lighting equipment photo softbox photo lighting equipment light studio photography light softbox light photo studio kit studio photo kit softbox studio equipment softbox stand led softbox softbox led"]

Godox CT-16 Kit With Transmitter Receiver 16 Channels Universal Wireless Flash Trigger for Canon Nikon Fujifilm Speedlite Flash camera cleaning kit

Item Code: 1005002060944410
Price: $ 75.45
["Godox CT-16 Kit With Transmitter Receiver 16 Channels Universal Wireless Flash Trigger for Canon Nikon Fujifilm Speedlite Flash<\/strong>","Don't fit For Sony<\/strong>","How to use:","(not included).","Package Listing CT-16<\/strong>","Package Listing 1xT add 2x R<\/strong>","1 xCT-16 Transmitter","Package Listing 1xT add 3x R<\/strong>","Note: Don't include other products<\/strong>"]

camera cleaning kit Feelworld LIVEPRO L2 Plus Live Streaming Switcher 5.5" Full HD Touch Screen PTZ Camera Control 4 Channel Control Switcher Panel professional photo studio backdrop and lighting kit

Item Code: 1005003749215641
Price: $ 624.84
["Features:","* 5.5-inch full HD IPS screen, provides real picture","* Touch screen operation, easy to use","* Real-time 6-picture preview ( 4 inputs sources + PST preview + PGM output picture)","* USB 3.0 fast to live streaming","* PTZ camera control (Up to 8 cameras)","* Chroma key, LOGO overlay","* T-Bar easily switch the transition effects and signal sources","* 15 transition effects and 9 PIP modes, the live picture more vivid","* Audio offers AFV or Line In mode","* Remote control via PC\/smartphone APP","Display Spec.","Model","L2 PLUS"," Screen Size"," 5.5\" Touch screen"," Backlight"," LED","Input"," 4 X HDMI"," HDMI-A","Output"," 1 X HDMI "," HDMI-A"," 1\u00d7USB TypeA"," USB 3.0","Audio"," Audio In"," 1\u00d73.5mm (can be connect to microphone)"," Audio Out"," 1\u00d73.5mm Stereo Jack","Input Solution","HDMI","SMPTE 720p@50\/60 | 1080i@50\/60 | 1080p@23\/24\/30\/50\/60","VESA 1024X768@60 | 1280X720@60 | 1280X768@60 | 1280X800@60 | 1280X1024@60 | 1360X768@60 | 1366X768@60 | 1440X900@60 | 1600X1200@60 | 1680X1050@60 | 1920X1080@60 | 1920X1200@60VESA 1024X768@60 | 1280X720@60 | 1280X768@60 | 1280X800@60 | 1280X1024@60 | 1360X768@60 | 1366X768@60 | 1440X900@60 | 1600X1200@60 | 1680X1050@60 | 1920X1080@60 | 1920X1200@60","Output SolutionOutput Solution","HDMI","SMPTE 720p@50\/60|1080p@24\/25\/30\/50\/60","VESA 1024X768@60 | 1280X720@60 | 1280X768@60 | 1280X1024@60 | 1360X768@60","USB Streaming","1280X720@50\/60 | 1280X1024@60 | 1360X768@60 | 1920X1080@24\/25\/30\/50\/601280X720@50\/60 | 1280X1024@60 | 1360X768@60 | 1920X1080@24\/25\/30\/50\/60","Note: Please refer connected computer for applicable resolution supportNote: Please refer connected computer for applicable resolution supportNote: Please refer connected computer for applicable resolution supportNote: Please refer connected computer for applicable resolution supportNote: Please refer connected computer for applicable resolution supportNote: Please refer connected computer for applicable resolution supportNote: Please refer connected computer for applicable resolution supportNote: Please refer connected computer for applicable resolution support","GeneralGeneralGeneralGeneral"," Input Voltage Input Voltage"," DC 12V \/ 2A"," Max Power","21W"," Working Temperature","0\u2103\uff5e50\u2103"," Humidity"," 5%~85%"," Unit Size"," 191(L) x 110(W) x 43(H)mm"," Unit Weight"," 610g"," Color Box Size"," 260(L)*130(W)*82(H)mm"," Outer Carton Qty"," 15"," Outer Carton Size"," 470*275*480mm"," Gross Weight"," 16.6kgs"]

FEELWORLD F6 PLUS 5.5 Inch On-camera DSLR Field Monitor Touch Screen Monitor with HDR 3D Lut IPS FHD 1920x1080 Video Focus Assis photography studio kit

Item Code: 1005003498723630
Price: $ 224.95 $ 281.19
["F6 Plus Is FEELWORLD Newest Improve User Experience Design<\/strong>","5.5 inch small touch screen fast the setting, and with 3D LUT, lightweight design ideal both for gimbal and camera setups, full HD 1920X1080 resolution, with Rec.709 professional color calibration, accurate color reproduction. 4K HDMI Input\/ Output Without Delay. Come with a 360\u00b0 tilt arm better monitoring angel, instead traditional hot shoe mount. 8.4V DC out, real time power charge for camera. Built in two battery plate: Sony F970, Canon LP-E6.","Let Your Video Shooting Become Easier<\/strong>","FEELWORLD has been committed to providing the comprehensive broadcast monitoring and solutions for the professional filmmakers. Whether the upgrade of the excellent display technology from HD to FHD or to UHD 4K resolution, FEELWORLD aims to support the professional creators to obtain the greater benefits and to create more exciting stories, with the most advanced technology to improve the production efficiency.","FEELWORLD Monitor is A Must-have Accessory for Your Shooting Setup.<\/strong>","When you\u2019ve put together rigs made up of powerful equipment, you want to be able to see shots that so much work has now gone into getting to that point. No matter the setup, whether it\u2019s a shoulder rig, gimbal, tripod, or handheld, you need a FEELWORLD monitor for all your setups which allow you to see, in perfect definition, make sure your shot in focus and accurate exposure, what you are shooting so that you know that the shot you are working hard to get is truly stellar.","Flexible for Your Creative<\/strong>","As a filmmaker you need to pay special attention to the visual aspect in order to capture every moment of emotion. For that reason you can always trust FEELWORLD monitors technology, which allows you to bring your full capacity and creativity taking care of every detail in the most efficient way possible. FEELWORLD monitor helps you to capture those precious moments that you cannot afford to miss.","Easy Multi-angle Monitoring<\/strong>","It\u2019s not easy to evaluate your shot solely through your camera\u2019s built-in monitor, especially if the entire unit is constantly rotating on a gimbal\/ stabilizer, the camera on crane rig jib, One of the biggest issues when you are doing low-angle\/ high angle shot is monitoring what you\u2019re shooting. FEELWORLD monitor is ideal tool for you to monitor the scene since you can install it where you can conveniently see it.","Compatible Battery<\/strong>","Sony F970, F960, F950,F930, F770, F750, F730, F570, F550, F530, QM91D, QM91, QM90D, QM90, QM71D, QM71, QM70D, QM70, QM51D, QM51, FM71, FM70 series. Canon LP-E6 (Note battery not include, need purchase separately, please choose the battery with bag kit)","FAQ<\/strong>","1. Can't turn on the monitor","Make sure to use the standard 12V 1.5A power adapter to connect the monitor. If power is supplied by battery, please check if the battery is fully charged.","2.Have noise during recording","Long press \u201c<\u201c button and turn down volume to near zero, can aviod have not nosie during recording. Long press \">\" is increase the volume.","3.The monitor display \" no signal\"","1\uff09Try another HDMI cable.","2\uff09And please try to connect monitor HDMI to your computer, try if the monitor have signal?","3\uff09Change the camera output singal, confirm the monitor input signal whether support the camera output signal.","4.When you turn on the focus peak, the information on the monitor will also display the focus peak and other problems. You can try to turn off the \"HDMI Information Display\" under the \"HDMI Settings\" tab in the menu system, so that when the focus is turned on, it will not A similar situation occurred.","Accurately expose and focus every shot.<\/strong>","FEELWORLD F6 PLUS Features<\/strong>","Waveform \/ Vector scope \/ Histogram;","Peaking Focus Assist (red, green,blue, white, yellow five peaking colors optional; 1~10 peaking level adjustable);","False Colors; Zebra Exposure (1%~100% adjustable); Scan Mode (Under Scan, Over Scan);","Zoom (100%~300%); 7.Anamorphic Mode (1.25x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.0x mag); Pixel to Pixel;","Center Marker, Safety Marker (70%, 80%, 90%, 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 5:4, 1.85:1, 2.35:1); 10.Ratio Marker (16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 1.85:1, 2.35:1); 11.Marker Color (red, green, blue, white, black, yellow)","Check Field (red, green, blue, gray);","Image Flip (H, V, H\/V), Image Freeze;","Color Temperature Adjustment","LUT import instructions","1. SD card format: Support for FAT32 and NTFS.","2. The number of imported files is limited: Up to 50 user files can be imported.","3. Document requirements: LUT file format suffix is .cube (case insensitive). A single file must not exceed 7.9M. Supports files with LUT_3D_SIZE of 16, 17, 32, 33, 64, 65. Meet the above requirements as a valid document. The LUT file name is required to be in English or numeric to avoid unrecognized, resulting in incorrect file names.","4. Import steps and instructions","Make sure the SD card is inserted correctly. Enter the [Color] item in the menu main menu and select the [Import LUT (SD)] item, and then execute the item.","The system will first recognize the SD card.","(1) No SD card recognized: Will prompt \"access failed\", you can try again at this time, if not, you can restart the device to try once.","(2) Identify the SD card.","\u00b7 The system will erase the user files that already exist in the device and prompt \"initialize\". If there is no valid file in the SD card, it will not be imported, it will prompt \"Empty\" and end this operation. If there is a valid file in the SD card, the file will be saved to the device and the message \"[n]name\" will be prompted, where n indicates that the nth is currently stored (n is not greater than 50), and the name is currently imported. LUT file name.","When the import is completed, it will prompt \"Success [n]\", and the operation will end. n indicates the number of imports.","Gimbal Monitor","Light weight, compact, hi-performance, crisp picture for gimbal setup, when you are doing low-angle\/ high angle shot is easy multi-angle monitoring what you\u2019re shooting.","Handheld Setup","Must have for filmmakers. It is so much easier to mount on a rig while having your hdmi cable connect to camera. You will love the features ; especially the false color, focus peaking, and lut import. Easy check focus, You will no longer do video without my monitor.","Youtube Vlog Monitor","FEELWORLD F6 PLUS is very intuitive being able to see yourself when filming YouTube videos. When you film yourself in front of the computer you have no way to see the liveview on your camera. If you used to work with a big TV monitor but it's not as easy to use as a small monitor mounted on top of the camera. You can also mount yourmic receiver on the bracket that comes with it!","Touchscreen Operating Instruction","This monitor is a full touch screen monitor with 3D LUT.","When the monitor and touch are both on, continuously click the screen twice to enter the main menu.","Slip the fingure from the bottom of the screen to enter the shortcut menu.","Click any space beside menu to exit the menu.","Peaking Focus Assist","The Peaking Filter is used to aid the camera operator in obtaining the sharpest possible picture. When activated, the internal processor will display a colored highlight on the screen where sharp edges appear. You can switch the putline color between red, green, blue, yellow, white according to different tone of the subject.","Professional Color Calibration, Accurate Color Reproduction","FEELWORLD uses the professional Rec.709 HD color standard, and uses the color calibration technology, with the professional instrument calibration at the factory, it can achieve monitor calibration efficiently and get accurate color reproduction easily, do not distort the color, show the real image when you shooting video.","F6 Plus Spefications","Display Spec.","Model F6 PLUS Screen Size: 5.5\" Touch Screen Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels","Pixel Pitch: 0.0639 (H) x 0.0213 (W) mm","Aspect Ratio: 16:9","Brightness: 500cd\/m\u00b2","Contrast Ratio: 1000:1","Backlight: LED","Viewing Angle: 80\u00b0\/80\u00b0(L\/R) 80\u00b0\/80\u00b0(U\/D)","Input\/ Output","1 X HDMI Input","1 X HDMI Output, 1 X DC Output","Audio","Audio 3.5mm Stereo Headphone","HDMI Input\/ Output Support Format","480i\/576i\/480p\/576p","1080i (60\/59.94\/50)","720p (60\/59.94\/50\/30\/29\/25\/24\/23.98)","1080p (60\/59.94\/50\/30\/29.97\/25\/24\/24sF\/23.98\/ 23.98sF)","4K UHD 3840\u00d72160p (30\/29.97\/25\/24\/23.98Hz), 4096\u00d72160p (24Hz)","General","Input Voltage: DC7\uff5e24V Power","Consumption: \u22649W Power","Connector: DC","Working Temperature: -20\u00b0C~55\u00b0C","StorageTemperature: -30\u00b0C~65\u00b0C","Install Way: \u00bc-20 thread points (top, bottom, right)","Unit Size: 148Lx93Hx20D (mm)","Unit Weight: 235g","Standark Package:","1\u00d7 F6 Plus 5.5'' Monitor","1\u00d7 Micro HDMI Cable","1\u00d7 Sunshade","1\u00d7 Tilt Arm","1\u00d7 Manual","With Extra Accessories:","1\u00d7 F6 Plus 5.5'' Monitor","1\u00d7 Micro HDMI Cable","1\u00d7 Sunshade","1\u00d7 Tilt Arm","1\u00d7 Manual","1\u00d7 NP-F750 Battery","1\u00d7 Battery Case","1\u00d7 Mini HDMI Cable","1\u00d7 Carry Bag"]

TILTA GH6 Cage SLR Micro Single Camera Accessories Body Protection Expanded Full Cage TA-T15-B-B monitor with camera

Item Code: 1005003935219709
Price: $ 548.85
["Overview:","[BLACK MIST] Diffuses Light Sources Without Creating a Softer Image","[LIGHTWEIGHT] Construction is Only 1\/4th the Weight of a 4x5.65 Filter","[SCRATCH RESISTANT] Coating Protects the Filter from Damage","[CUSTOM DESIGNED] for Tilta Mirage Matte Box","[CARRYING CASE] Included for Transportation","SHIPPING IN ONE WEEK","This 95mm Circular Black Mist Filter is custom designed to be used with the Tilta Mirage Matte Box.","This filter is a type of diffusion filter that reduces contrast and produces a subtle glow around light sources, while limiting overall softness and retaining contrast in the shadows.","This creates a soft visual atmosphere while still retaining sharpness and more detail in the shadows than a standard Mist filter.","These filters produce accurate colors without reducing sharpness and feature a Double Sided 12 Layer Coating which protects the filter from scratches.","Feature:","Color: Black","Packing list:","TA-T15-FCC-B\uff1a","1.Full Camera Cage for Panasonic GH6 - Black","2.Bottom Plate for Panasonic GH6 - Black\uff08TA-T15-BP-B\uff09*1","TA-T15-A-B\uff1a","1.Full Camera Cage for Panasonic GH6 - Black\uff08TA-T15-FCC-B\uff09*1","2.Tiltaing Compact NATO Top Handle - Black\uff08TA-QRTH7-B\uff09*1","3.HDMI Male to HDMI Female Cable (22cm)\uff08TCB-HDM-HDF-22\uff09*1","4.HDMI Clamp Attachment for Panasonic GH6 - Black\uff08TA-T15-CC1-B)*1","TA-T15-B-B\uff1a","1.Full Camera Cage for Panasonic GH6 - Black\uff08TA-T15-FCC-B\uff09*1","2.Tiltaing Compact NATO Top Handle - Black\uff08TA-QRTH7-B\uff09*1","3.HDMI Male to HDMI Female Cable (22cm)\uff08TCB-HDM-HDF-22\uff09*1","4.HDMI Clamp Attachment for Panasonic GH6 - Black\uff08TA-T15-CC1-B)*1","5.TILTAING 15mm LWS Baseplate Type I - Black\uff08TA-BSP-15-B\uff09*1","6.Aluminum Rod 15*200mm - Black\uff08R15-200-B\uff09*2 pcs","7.Tiltaing Left Side Advanced Power Handle with Run\/Stop (F570 Battery) - Black\uff08TA-LRH-57-B\uff09*1","8.Advanced Side Handle Run\/Stop Cable for Panasonic GH\/S Series\uff08RS-TA3-GHS\uff09*1","9.Tiltaing Advanced Left Side Handle Attachment Type VI - Black\uff08TA-AHA6-L-B\uff09*1"]

Nitze Monitor Cage For Feelworld Lut7S / LUT7 PRO / LUT7S PRO 7" With PE21 HDMI-compatible Cable Clamp LS7-A SUNHOOD JTP2-LU photo studio kits

Item Code: 1005003258487358
Price: $ 99.9 $ 159.83
["Nitze Monitor Cage For Feelworld Lut7S \/ LUT7 PRO \/ LUT7S PRO 7\" With PE21 HDMI-compatible Cable Clamp LS7-A SUNHOOD JTP2-LU","Product Code:"," ","JTP2-LUT7S","Availability:"," ","In Stock","Product Specification<\/strong>","
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Product Weight: 295 g"," ","
Product Size: 205 x 34 x 149 mm 
Package Weight: 401 g
Package Size: 260 x 160 x 40mm
Compatibility: Feelworld LUT7 \/ LUT7 PRO \/ LUT7S \/ LUT7S PRO Monitor"]

SmallRig Camera Cage for Canon EOS R with Cold Shoe Mount Thread Holes for Magic Arm Microphone Attach 2803 christmas back drops

Item Code: 1005003083441612
Price: $ 148.59 $ 288.5
["SmallRig Cage for Canon EOS R CCC2803","Key Features:","1. Form-fitting Cage for Canon EOS R.","2. Provides Protection and Accessory Mounts.","3. 1\/4\"-20 & 3\/8\"-16, ARRI 3\/8-16 Accessory Threads and Cold Shoe Mount.","4. Built-in Arca Swiss Plate and Flate Screwdriver.","5. Locks Camera via 1\/4\"-20 & Two Anti-Twist Pins.","SmallRig Cage for Canon EOS R CCC2803","is a formfitting full cage designed to provide protection and accessory mounts for your camera. The cage secures to the bottom of the camera via a 1\/4-20 screw and features two pins for anti-twisting. It comes with multiple 1\/4-20 and 3\/8-16 threaded holes, ARRI accessory threads, and a cold shoe, allowing mount of accessories. For example, you can mount","SmallRig Top Handle 2165","or","SmallRig Wooden Side Handle 2093","for hand-held shooting; mount","SmallRig Ball Head Magic Arm 2070","or","SmallRig Monitor Holder 1842","to attach a monitor. It works with","SmallRig Cable Clamp 1822","to protect the HDMI cable and port. If you use the For Canon EF-EOS R lens mount adapter, you can use","SmallRig BSA2696","to support the mount and relief pressure from the heavy lens. Additionally, The cage features a built-in Arca Swiss QR plate and a flat screwdriver on the bottom.","Designer: Evans Pan","NOTE:","Installation Steps:","1. Please remove two anti-twist pins from the cage first;","2. Put the camera into the cage and tighten the 1\/4-20 screw on the bottom;","3. Tighten the anti-twist pins on the bottom.","Compatibility:","For Canon EOS R","Package Includes:","1 x cage","Product Dimensions: 152.5 x 110.5 x 55.6mm","Package Dimensions: 200 x 140 x 55mm","Net Weight: 195g","Package Weight: 279g","Material(s): Aluminum Alloy"]

camera light stand Vaxis ATOM 500 Dual Basic Kit Wireless Transmission System 1080P HD Image Video Transmitter Receiver VS Hollyland mars 400S photography background

Item Code: 1005003737454112
Price: $ 559
["Vaxis ATOM 500 Basic Kit Wireless Transmission System for Photography Camera","1080P HD Dual HDMI Image Video Wireless Transmitter Receiver","Atom 500 Features:","     1. Rich interfaces (one input and one output for HDMI transmitter, two output for receiver)","     2. Build in antenna, no damage problem and more convenient..","     3. Dual power supply,Type-c and Sony NPF 970 battery plate. ","     4. Various installation methods of the fuselage (install with mini ball head).No hitting problem with gimbal.","     5. OLED display, easy operation.","     6. Smart fan (long-term recording guarantees stability).","     7. Automatically searching for clearest channel when switch on","     8. The image quality can be switched between H264 and H265.","     9. Low delay (about 100ms), audio and video are in sync.","     10. Line-of-sight distance: 150 meters. (But in fact it can up to 350 meters experimental condition)","    Atom ATOM 500 Dual HDMI Basic Kit Incuding:","    1* TX with Sony NPF battery plate","    1* RX with Sony NPF battery plate","    1* User Manual","    1* Type-c cable","    Limited 1-Year Warranty(TX and RX)","    ATOM ACCESSORY PACK Induding:","    1* Travel Case","    1* Skin Wrap(TX+RX)(optional)","    1* Vaxis Tilting Shoe Adapter","    1* Cold Shoe Mount","    1* Allen Key"]

photography background SH Photo Studio 2M 2-in-1 Light Stand with 1.4M Boom Arm And Empty Sandbag For Supporting Softbox Lighting Photography Tripod best camera lens

Item Code: 4000854931204
Price: $ 83.25
["NOTE:<\/strong>","If you have any questions, pls contact us, do not leave any negative feedback, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution, and look forward to your lighting up Five small stars for us.<\/strong>"]

2.6M/8.5FT Heavy Duty Stainless Steel C-Stand Foldable Tripod Magic Leg Photography C-Stand For Spot Light Softbox Photo Studio light on tripod

Item Code: 1005002793890456
Price: $ 198.28
["2.6M\/8.5FT Heavy Duty Stainless Steel C-Stand Foldable Tripod Magic Leg Photography C-Stand For Spot Light Softbox Photo Studio
<\/strong>","Alloy firmware,integral plating,stable and durable
Triangle opening and closing
Special card slot,precise bite,threaded buckle
Recommended Use
Movies,TV series, studios, various groups, independent film production,film and television equipment company,studio, alternative photography ,etc.Light must-have products,can be used for suspension of lighting,flag board and other accessories.
Bracket foldable thicken iron light stand With 1.07m iron rail
Main Rod Diameter:25MM-30MM-35MM
Shortest Length:1.3M
Longest Length:2.6M
Crossbar Length:1.07M
Material:Stainless Steel","Package A","1x30 inch<\/strong>","Stainless Steel C-Stand","Package B","1 x Stainless Steel C-Stand<\/strong>","1 x Crossbar<\/strong>","2 x Magic Head<\/strong>","1 x C-type Tripod<\/strong>","1 x Sandbag<\/strong>"]

photo back drop kit NEW Lens Aperture Flex Cable For Canon EF-S 18-55mm 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 III Repair Part photography lighting kits for beginners

Item Code: 1005003773106197
Price: $ 33.19
["NEW Lens Aperture Flex Cable For Canon EF-S 18-55mm 18-55 mm f\/3.5-5.6 III Repair Part                                              <\/strong>"]

wood back drop (2pcs/lot) A074278 A074136 A059880 A050679 A056404 C007827 Noritsu Rubber Roller for QSS29/32/37 minilab photography background

Item Code: 1005002014259441
Price: $ 98
["(2pcs\/lot) A074278 A074136 A059880 A050679 A056404 C007827 Noritsu Rubber Roller for QSS29\/32\/37 minilab","Thanks,","Mervyn Zhou","Mobile\/Whatapp:+86-13631282388"]

ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control Shutter Release For Nikon D3200/D3300/D3400/D5100/D5300/D5500/D600/D610/D7000/D7100/D750/D800/D90 fisheye lenses

Item Code: 33028225354
Price: $ 28.03
["Notice: ","Description:","It can trigger the camera shutter release remotely within 10 meters.","The compatible camera has a built-in infrared receiver for this remote trigger device.","for A Nikon camera's infrared feature needs to be enabled.","Eliminates vibrations caused by physically pressing the shutter release.","Confirm that there is no obstacle between the infrared remote control camera.","It has been proved to be safe and suitable for Nikon series cameras.","Material: plastic","Color:Black","Compatible with:","D3000\/D3200\/D3300\/D3400","D40\/ D40X","D50\/ D5000\/ D5100\/ D5200\/D5300\/D5500","D60\/ D600\/D610","D70\/ D70s\/ D7000\/ D7100\/D7200\/D750","D80\/D90","CPX A\/P7800\/P7700\/P7100\/P7000\/P6000\/P900s","150ED 140ED 130ED 110s 70Ws","F65\/ F75","V1 V2 V3 J1 J2","Package include: ","1pcs IR Wireless Remote Control","Shutter","How to set it:","1. Set the camera to your desired exposure mode (M, Av, Tv, etc.)
\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t2. Set the self-timer settings,
\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t3. Remove the protective liner from the remote battery compartment
\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t4. Select one of the two shooting modes on the remote control
\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t5. Point the remote at the camera at a distance of 5 meters, and then click
\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t6. You will hear the distinctive sound of the shutter","","= = = = = = = = "," ","Your Satisfaction, Our Pursuit= = = = = = ","1. We Accept Visa, MasterCard,et.","ESCROW","\u00b7 When Make zment By Escrow, Your Money Is Deposited Securely In Your Account. ","\u00b7 Money Is Only Released To Us After You Confirm Delivery.","\u00b7 If You Can't Checkout After Placing Order, Please Wait For A Few Minutes And Retry zments.","\u00b7 zment Must Be Completed Within 3 Days Or Your Order Will Close.","","1. ","Worldwide Shipping, Except Some Countries And APO\/FPO. ",".","2. Please Tell Me Your Current Address After Your zment Within 1-2 Days; Otherwise, We Will Ship Your Item Based On Your Escrow Address, So Make Sure It Is Correct.","3. Before Ordering Please Contact Us To Confirm Your Preferred Shipment Method. Normally, It Takes 7-30 Business Days For Arrival By Air Mail, Some Countries May Takes Longer, Like Russian, Brazil. And Takes 3-10 Business Days By Express.","4. Sometimes It Would Be Longer Because Of The Bad Weather, A Waste Of Time In rs Clearance. We Are Not Responsible For Those Reasons. Thus Please Wait Patiently When You Do Not Receive Your Item On Time. If You Don't Receive The Item Within Thirty Days, Please Contact Us, And Then We Will Help You Track It."," w","Delivery Time For Your Reference:","  ","NOTICE: ","SERVICE TRANSIT TIME ","","1. ","2. Only Defective Item Will Be Offered Exchange.","3. You Have 7 Days To Contact Us And 30 Days To Return It From The Date It Was Received. If This Item Is In Your Possession More Than 7 Days, It Is Considered Used And WE WILL NOT ISSUE YOU A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!<\/strong> Shipping Cost Is Bear By Both Seller And Buyer In Half.","4. All Returned Items Must Be In Their Original Packaging And You Must Provide Us With The Shipping Tracking Number, Specific Reason For The Return, And Your PO#<\/sup>.","5.We will refund YOUR FULL AMOUNT zMENTS, Upon Receipt Of The Item In Its Original Condition And Packaging With All Components And Accessories Included, AFTER BOTH Buyer And Seller Cancel The Transaction From Aliexpress. Or, You May Choose To Have A Replacement.","","1.  Please Confirm The Receipt Of The Products After You Got Them.","2.  If You Have Any Question For The Products You Received, Please Contact Us In Time And We Will Try Our Best To Solve The Problems And Make You Satisfied.","3.  Please Give Us The Positive Feedback If You Are Satisfied. If Not, Please Contact Us Before Leaving Any Negative Or Neutral Feedback. We Will Work With You To Solve Any Problems."]

stand light Function keyboard Button Back Cover Flex Cable For Konica Big mini BM-510Z BM510Z BM-510 Repair Part lens cleaning kit

Item Code: 1005003453320609
Price: $ 37.4
["Function keyboard Button Back Cover Flex Cable For Konica Big mini BM-510Z Repair Part<\/strong>"]

1/4" Male to 1/4" Male Threaded Adapter 1/4 Inch Double Male Screw Adapter Supports Tripod Stand Metal Camera Accessories camera cleaning kit

Item Code: 1005004060453774
Price: $ 26.3
\nSpecification:<\/strong>","<\/strong>","Brand new","Material: Metal","Height: 1.9cm \/ 0.75\"","Designed to have double 1\/4\" male threaded screws","Suitable for the connection of a variety of 1\/4\" screw holes","Widely used on-camera accessories such as Tripod, Monopod, Ballhead, light stand, Video light","Color: Silver","<\/strong>","Package<\/strong>:","1 pcs  1\/4'' Male to 1\/4'' Male screw adapter"]

white background photography Thickness 3mm Transparent Acrylic Plate INS Style Photography Props Life Photo Fotografia Props for Jewelry Cosmetics Lipsticks led light stand

Item Code: 1005003085954151
Price: $ 25.01
["Mini Handheld Selfie Stick Wireless Bluetooth-compatible Gimbal Stabilizer Expandable Handheld Monopod Tripod For Android IOS<\/a>","USD 25.39<\/em>\/piece","INS Cube Photography Props Foam Geometric Cube Photo Studio for Jewelry Cosmetics Ornaments Food Shooting Props For Photography<\/a>","USD 0.99-3.66<\/em>\/piece","Ins Photo Props Acrylic Water Ripple Shadow Plate Background Props Photography Transparent Wave Effect Perfume Cosmetics Props<\/a>","USD 5.86-11.46<\/em>\/piece","Wireless Foldable Selfie Stick Monopod 1580mm Bluetooth-compatible Tripod With Fill light For Gopro Action Cameras Phones Selfie<\/a>","USD 19.89<\/em>\/piece","Round Resin Agate Piece Photo Studio Backdrops Cosmetics Jewelry Display Board Nail Art Painted Palette Coaster Photography Prop<\/a>","USD 2.99<\/em>\/piece","INS Wind Acrylic Mirror Reflector Photo Studio Photography Background Props For Cosmetic Jewelry Shooting Fotograf\u00eda Backdrop<\/a>","USD 1.15-2.68<\/em>\/piece","Fashion INS Cube Photo Photography Props 3D Three-Dimensional Jewelry Beauty Ornaments Food Pendulum Decoration Background Props<\/a>","USD 1.95-7.75<\/em>\/piece","3 Tiers Metal Jewelry Rack Holder Organizer Necklace Earring Display Rack Rose Gold Black Shooting Props Home Decorative Shelves<\/a>","USD 7.19<\/em>\/piece","Features:<\/b><\/font><\/font>","Brand new and high quality.","Different styles of background material meet your multiple demands and make the photo more impressive.<\/font>","Taking beautiful flatlay photos for your food, cosmetics, flowers, jewelry, small product etc.<\/font>","It may be chromatic aberration due to the resolution of different electronic devices.<\/font>","Four types of graphics, multiple sizes can be selected, to meet the different needs of photography.","Specification:<\/b>","Material:Acrylic","Color:Transparent","Shape: Circle,Square,Hexagon,S","Size: Circle-8\/10\/14CM,Square-8\/10CM,Hexagon-9\/12CM,S-21*8.5CM","Note:<\/b>","Please tear off the two layers of protective film before use.","There could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.","Please allow 1-2mm differs due to manual measurement, thanks.","Package Included:<\/b>","1PC x Photo Props <\/font>","No Retail Box,Packing Safely in Bubble Bag.<\/font><\/font>"]

phone stand with light (25pcs/lot) Fuji Support Shaft Gear kit 31B7499503/327F1121646/315N0006/388F0054 for Frontier 330/340/350/370 minilabs photography background

Item Code: 4001201191140
Price: $ 38
["(25pcs\/lot) Fuji Support Shaft Gear kit  31B7499503\/327F1121646\/315N0006\/388F0054  for Frontier 330\/340\/350\/370 minilabs","Thanks,","Mervyn Zhou","Mobile\/Whatapp:+86-13631282388","Skype:mervynzhou"]

Fuji printer back print ribbon ink cassette 382C1056906A / 382C1134170 / 382C1056906 for Frontier 500/550/570/590 minilab camera lens

Item Code: 32741965197
Price: $ 34.99
["Fuji printer ribbon, 382C1056906A\/382C1134170","\/382C1056906 Ink Ribbon for Frontier 500\/550\/570\/590","digital minilab machine","Mervyn Zhou","Tel:+0086-756-5101198","Mobile\/Whatapp:+0086-13631282388","Skype:mervynzhou"]

webcam monitor FGHGF Bluetooth Phone Self Timer Shutter Button for iPhone 7 selfie stick Shutter Release Wireless Remote Control for Huawei security camera monitor

Item Code: 32826785049
Price: $ 28.29 $ 28.46
["Specifications of self timer","Battery: included","1.Color: Black, White, Green, Red, Blue , Purple","2.","Apply For iOS (5.0 Above) \/ Android system<\/u>","(for Samsung\/MOTO\/Google\/Xiaomi\/Sony\/HTC etc, Android 4.1 Above)","For LG For Optimus G2 G3 G4 For sony For HTC one M7 M8","For iphone 4 4s For iphone 5 5c 5s For iphone 6 6 plus 6s 6s plus","For samsung galaxy s3 s4 s5 s6 note 4 note 3 note 2 ALL phone","For samsung galaxy note 2 n7100 note 3 n9000 note 4 n9100 note 5 N9200","For samsung galaxy A3 A3000 A5 A5000 A7 A7000 A8 A8000","For samsung galaxy s3 mini i8190 s4 mini i9190 s5 mini G800","For samsung galaxy Alpha G850 note 3 neo n7505 Grand 2 Duos G7106","For samsung galaxy s2 i9100 Ace 3 s7272 s5830","For meizu 3 4 pro 5 m1 note m2 note For xiaomi mi2 mi3 mi4 redmi","etc.","3. Function Keys: On\/Off, Bluetooth pairing, Photograph, Android Configuration, IOS Configuration","4.","Bluetooth: V3.0<\/u>","5. Frequency: 2.4Hz - 2.48GHz","6.","Effective distance: 10m(30ft)<\/u>","7. Battery: included,","Battery Type:CR2032","8.","Size: 58mm*50mm*120mm","9. Weight: 36.5g","Instructions of self timer","1. Press the power button, LED flashing;","2. After power on, press the bluetooth pairing key, LED flash slowly. The bluetooth steps to a state that can be searched and matched;","3. Use the mobile phones to match. LED will be out after the success of the pairing;","4. Long press the corresponding configuration key. LED will light up after configuration. The product can be used normally at this time.","5. Without using for five minutes, the product will automatically enter a dormant state. Please press the power button to turn off the timer when not in use, to ensure that the battery can be used for a long time.","6. Can be charged with PC devices or mobile power adapter. LED on --- charging. LED out --- saturation.","Feature of Protective Silicone Case:","Brand new, easy to use.","Effective protection of the Bluetooth remote control, to avoid scratches or dust.","Lightweight and compact, easy to carry, it can be installed in the self-timer lever.","Color: clear white","Compatibility:","1. Can be docked with the cell phone bluetooth, no extra software needed.","2.","Applicable to nearly all the phone models in the market, including for iPod\/iPhone\/iPad\/i9220\/i9250\/i9300\/i9500\/i9190 and some other Android 4.1 above phones.<\/u>","3. Can be used to take long distance photos up to 10 meters in the absence of obstacles.","4. Multi colors, fashionable.","Attention:","1. Please do not use chemical solvents to wipe the product.","2. Please don't splash strongly acidic reagent to the product.","3. Please don't keep the product in high temperature place or throw it into fires.","4. Please don't squeeze, throw or crush the product.","5. Please leave a message to tell which color you want! Or we will send random!","Package Included","1x Self-timer","1 x case"]

led lamp stand Tempred Glass Screen Protector Compatible for Rode wireless go lcd Flexible HD Film (2 pieces) photography studio kit

Item Code: 1005002828710085
Price: $ 27.92
["The LCD Tempered Glass Films Fit for wireless go perfectly. Edge to edge, easy to install.","Touch screen is still fully functional with PCTC Tempered Glass Films.","9H hardness and 0.3mm thick with 6 layers of coatings, but can provide good daily protection the camera screen from high impact drops, scratches, sharp objects also like keys, knife etc.","99.99% High Transparency Crystal-clear, Pixels are not distorted.reduces eye strain caused by the LCD screen, the exclusive HD technology makes perfect visual feast.","Bubble Free: Bubble free makes the glass easy to install with a simple swipe."]

Universal Camera Cage Left /Right Side Handle for Sony Canon Nikon Camera Cage Wooden Handle Grip Cold Shoe for Mic Video Light telephoto lens

Item Code: 1005004190411854
Price: $ 85.76 $ 125.37
["Features:","1.\u3010UNIVERSALITY FOR BOTH SIDES\u3011allows you to switch from the left to right quickly. If you want to use it on the other side of the cage, just take off the connection part of handle and change the direction. Besides, you could slide up and down for your optional positioning","2.\u3010MOUNTING POINTS\u3011It comes with one cold shoe mount and Two 1\/4\"-20 thread holes and Two Wristband hole on the top of the handle allow for mounting a light, microphone, monitor, mounting arm, or other accessories","3. \u3010Ergonomics design\u3011Comfortable photography feel and portable shooting experience","Specifications:","Name: Universal mini wooden side handle","Rich expansion :Cold shoe interface,1\/4 interface,Wristband hole","Applicable model:Camera cage with 2 1\/4\"-20 threaded holes and 18mm side spacing","Compatible: Camera Cage Handle Compatible for left and right"]

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